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Manual 444

  • Debt Collection Made Simple and Easy as “A.B.C.”
  • Debt Collectors and all Front-line Staff Can Now Learn Practical Ways to Reduce Delinquent Accounts, Increase Cash-flow, and Improve Negotiation Techniques
  • Step-by-Step Debt Collection Procedures
  • Become an Efficient and Productive Debt Collector at Your Own Time and Pace
  • Numerous Corporations have Benefited from this Training
  • Each Collector Should Keep One of this Manual in His or Her Work Area

• Why Collection is a Professional Career
• Credit Requirements of Financial Institutions
• The Role of Credit and Collections
• The Main Causes For Delinquency On A National Level
• Telephone Strategies
• Why Is The Telephone The Most Effective Collection Device?
• Effective Telephone Use During Collection
• The Typical Collection Call: Planning Your First Collection Call on an Account
• How to Prepare Yourself for the Actual Collections Call
• How To Take Control Of The Telephone Conversation
• How to Confirm Certain Key Items of Information
• Making Arrangements for Payment
• How To Effectively Use The Telephone As A Reminder
• Enhancing Your Collection With a Follow-up Call
• How To Prepare For Negotiation As A Collector
• Collectors Must Be Organized In Order To Make Effective Negotiations
• Four Most Important Questions to Consider Asking When Collecting
• Stages Of Problem Resolution
• Sources of Cash for Debtors
• Collector’s Job Description
• Some Key Points For Becoming A Successful Collector
• The Effectiveness Of Collecting Face To Face
• Pre-Call Planning of A Collection Call
• Debtors Must Have Convenient and Multiples Avenues To Pay
• How To Discover The True Reason For Delinquency
• Characteristics Of The Various Types of Debtors
• Understanding The Various Types Of Debtors
• What Is A Disputed Account?
• How To Deal With “The Account Has Been Paid” Excuse?
• The Psychology of Asking for Payment
• Some Effective Ways Of Asking For Payment
• How to Make Effective Partial Payment Arrangements
• How Do You Know When You Have A Strong Promise?
• How to Handle Objections While Closing a Call
• Skip-tracing Methods and Procedures
• Skip-Tracing Like A Detective
• Ways To Answer Questions While Skip-tracing
• Frequently Asked Collection Questions
• Factors Used To Locate Debtors
• Who Is A “Skip”
• Source or Tools of Skip-Tracing
• Exploring The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) Summary
• How To Use The Settlement Procedure During Billing Disputes
• What Must The Creditor Do When There is a Disputed Invoice?
• During A Billing Dispute, Is The Customer’s Credit Rating Affected?
• Communication With Third Parties
• When to Stop Communicating with Debtors
• Plus Several Other Topics!