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CK 5100A Performance Review and Job Evaluation Management Training for Government and Public Sector Employees


My overall opinion about this Performance Review and Job Evaluation Management course, is that it was an excellent on.  It was timely, appropriate and helpful.  More HR persons should have been in attendance because they would have learned how performance evaluations should be completed for their staff members.  This course is a vital one for our organization because when company and department goals are established both managers and staff have to work hand-in-hand.  The teacher was excellent and obviously knows the topic well. 
Name Withheld, Inland Revenue Department, Government of Montserrat


The entire three-day training course on Performance Management emphasized its importance to the organization from  the recruitment process, to the selection of staff, new employee orientation, meeting planning, delegation all work together in synch.  I have come away from this training with knowledge that I did not possess before attending the course.  I feel more inclined to use many of the techniques in my day-to-day job and be more effective in the motivation of my staff.  The instructor used everyday examples of social life to enhance what was being discussed.
Name and Department Withheld, Government of Montserrat


The instructor made the training session enjoyable as well as informative.  I thing that more supervisors should get educated in learning the techniques ofjob evaluation management!
Name and Department Withheld, Government of Montserrat


This Performance Review and Job Evaluation course is one that all supervisors should take.
Name and Department Withheld, Government of Montserrat


After attending this Performance Review and Job Evaluation course, I picked up some new tips for conducting performance appraisals and how to use progressive discipline.  In general, what I valued most were the videos and slides used to reinforce certain concepts.
Name Withheld, Education Office – ECD, Government of Montserrat


Even though I took certain things for granted in the past, I now feel I am better equipped to handle performance reviews more efficiently and effectively.  What’s more, I like having my own personal binder that’s filled with information that I can refer to as well as share with my other colleagues as needed.
Juliana Sweeney, Senior Customs Officer, Government of Monserrat


The instructor is skilled and knowledgeable in this field of training.  The instructor transferred the information fluently and helped me to better understand the performance review process in many ways.
Selvyn Maloney, Chief Veterinary Officer, Agriculture, Government of Montserrat


The entire training course was most valuable because it is informative and educational.  This program will help our organization to develop a more effective management and staff, especially in the area of communication, both in and off the job.  Knowing how to delegate tasks effectively is an area that I will work to improve.
Name Withheld, Senior Foreman Mechanic, Plant Hire & Mechanical Services,Government of Montserrat


This course really taught me how to be a better supervisor and to work effectively with my staff.  It was very informative and I hope that other supervisors will get an opportunity to take this course as well.  I now feel I have the necessary skills to be better informed about managing others.
Name and Department Withheld, Government of Montserrat


I learned about keeping the “Incident Diary” and this has been the most valuable part of the training for me.  The instructor was excellent at explaining information and used a lot of examples which was meaningful to me.
Name and Department Withheld, Government of Montserrat


This Performance and Job Evaluation Management course will help me to improve upon the way I do my staff’s reviews.  The ‘Incident Diary” that was introduced in the course is a practical way to document past events instead of leaving things up to memory.  All the topics covered were very helpful to me.  The topics on empowerment, coaching, delegation, conducting meetings, succession planning, are some of the skills I intend to build on in the performance of my job.
Joseph Irish, Senior Air Traffic Controller, John A. Osborne Airport, Government of Montserrat

During the training course the instructor touched on areas of the “incident diary,” progressive discipline, and performance appraisal “solution phrases”; these are all things I can apply directly to my work.  Any manager who is tasked with conducting performance reviews should be exposed to this training as it will give them the tools with which to do his/her job.  I now have more tools available to me and a better understanding of what is required of me, and the procedures or steps to follow.  The instructor illustrated many points to ensure that all students understood what was being discussed.
Name and Department Withheld, Government of Montserrat


This was an excellent training program as the instructor was able to impart the knowledge and back up the class discussions with real life examples.  This program will improve my effectiveness in the areas of time management, staff motivation and new employee orientation.
Name and Department Withheld, Government of Montserrat


The new employee orientation program stood out in my mind because this is one of the areas we need to improve upon in our organization.  After taking this course, I have been given the skills to improve staff morale and identifysome other areas to improve my personal development and improvement in my management style.
Joseph Irish, Director, Finance/Economic Development,Government of Montserrat


Every aspect of this training was valuable to me since it refreshed and reinforced previous knowledge, new ideas, concepts, and methods.  The training instructor was very comprehensive and used very good examples to bring across areas under discussion.
Name Withheld, Assistant Secretary, Agriculture, Government of Montserrat


This entire training program was of great value to me, but the discussion on staff motivation was of most value.  I realize that I have a lot to learn in the areas of hiring and the disciplinary process.  However, this program should help supervisors and managers understand the employees in their charge.  The training instructor really motivated me to listen and used real-life examples to bring across different points.  I now feel I have a more holistic approach towards empowering my staff. 
Name and Department Withheld, Government of Montserrat


This course was excellent as an orientation or reinforcement program for new and existing managers.  It has allowed me to rethink the ways I have been doing certain things. The training instructor has an excellent teaching style.
Name and Department Withheld, Government of Montserrat


The importance of the employee orientation is not stressed often enough in most organization and when it is not done it may make the difference between an officer “sinking” or “swimming!”  This program provided a wealth of knowledge in relation to people management, and I would definitely recommend it to the HR staff.  It has reinforced many of the concepts I have been previously been exposed, and, as such, provided me with additional information in other ways.  The training instructor’s style of teaching was engaging and interesting, making sure that people understood the concepts.
Name and Department Withheld, Government of Montserrat


This Performance and Job Evaluation Management course is an important guide with a lot of basics which we often overlook and/or take for granted.  My time management skills will now be reviewed and improved upon, as well as the value I place on each aspect of my job.  The topics were all tied together and complemented each other well.  I liked the fact that the Instructor was able to use real-life experience to demonstrate almost all discussion points.
Name Withheld, Customs & Excise, Government of Montserrat


This Performance and Job Evaluation Management workshop is an important skill for all public servants and government employees because the appraisal system is a critical aspect of our development.  I will now be able to execute the appraisal process much more efficiently and effectively.
Dorothea Hazel, Epidemiologist, Health, Government of Montserrat


The training instructor is a dynamic individual, who imparted knowledge quite easily for “consumption.”  As a result, the instructor helped me to understand the environment in which I work and the processes that are supposed to work well.  My take-away is that I will be better able to evaluate staff, assess myself as a supervisor, and be more effective in my position.
Roland Irish, Inspector of Taxes II, Inland Revenue, Government of Montserrat