Petro-Caribe, Dominica, Training Testimonials

1. CK 5100 Performance Review and Job Evaluation Management

Coaching and mentoring, progressive discipline, succession planning, but most of all, the performance evaluation process, were areas of the workshop that were of tremendous value to me.  The topics were very well explained by the instructor who made it easy for us to understand.   These topics have reinforced my knowledge to better manage my department. Over all, this course was presented in a simple and straight-forward manner, and I will take my knowledge and train other supervisors in my company.
Eric Serrant, Human Resources Supervisor
Petro-Caribe (PDV Caribe), Dominica, Ltd., St. Paul, Dominica

 2. CK 2000 Supervisory Management

The Theory X and Theory Y concepts were most important to me because of my awareness of how different people react to an issue depending on the tone in which they are addressed.  Because of this knowledge, I now know how to handle certain situations, as well as  planning and executing work in a proper manner.  This training was very beneficial to me.
Davidson Andrew, LPG Foreman
PDV Caribe Dominica Ltd. Dominica

 This training was valuable to my position.  In my estimation, it is not only designed to develop new supervisors, but it also enhance current leaders in their areas of deficiency.  The areas discussed included useful examples to make the training easily understood.  This is the first training that I’ve attended that kept me intrigued from beginning to end.
Sandy Clements, Accounts & Administrative Supervisor
PDV Caribe Dominica Ltd., Dominica

3. CK 1100 Marketing and Public Relations Management

This workshop was very interactive and effective.  This program enabled me to get a more comprehensive and better understanding of the marketing process which was specific to my department.  I obtained some great ideas and suggestions to improve my marketing strategies and techniques.  
Denise Charles, Sales & Marketing Leader, PDV Caribe Dominica Ltd. 
(Petro-Caribe) Dominica

This workshop provided me with insightful information which will help to strengthen my job performance.  I have discovered some new ways in which I can improve my knowledge.
Tamica Daniel, Sales & Marketing Analyst, PDV Caribe Dominica Ltd. 
(Petro-Caribe) Dominica

4. CK 6141 Strategic Management for Private and Public Sector Corporations

This strategic management course will improve my skills, which in turn will help me to be more effective in the workplace.
Gibbs Stephenson, Finance Manager, PDV Caribe Dominica Ltd. 
(Petro-Caribe) Dominica

This program will help me to apply some of the proven methodologies in my daily work.  I have picked up some invaluable ways to not only manage my time, but to greatly improve my overall efficiency.
Henry Blanco, General Manager, PDV Caribe Dominica Ltd., (Petro-Caribe) Venezuela

5. CK 6134 Executive Assistant Management

What I learned from this course was how to do a self-assessment and identify my strengths and weaknesses.  Some of the topics discussed were familiar to me, but at the same time, there were a lot of other areas introduced by the instructor.  For example, in the area of staff orientation, this could be implemented into our organization, and it is not presently done.  The instructor provided a comfortable atmosphere to learn and interact with our peers.

Nicole Ettienne, Executive Secretary, PDV Caribe Dominica Ltd., St. Paul, Dominica