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Video Training

The only 4-Volume Self-Study Debt Collection Video Training Program of its kind. 
VOLUME 1: Strategies and Techniques for Effective Debt Collection
The essence of debt collection
Collection highlights
Economics of Debt Collections
Why collection is a professional career
Credit requirements of financial institutions
Phone Skills For Collectors
The don'ts of a telephone contact
The importance of good telephone delivery
The impact of the initial phone contact
How to prepare yourself for the call
Making the actual collection call
The body of the collection call
Negotiation Skills For Debt Collectors
The profile of an effective negotiator
How to prepare for negotiation as a collector
How to motivate the negotiation process
How collectors can make concessions wisely
Plus 41 other topics! Available on videos, seminar, or self-study manuals
VOLUME 2: Collections Strategies & Concepts For Debt Collectors
Collector's job description and responsibility
The psychology of asking for payment
How to identify and collect from professional debtors
Why collectors should imply "scarcity" to debtors
When to be flexible with debtors
Some effective ways of asking for payments
Pre-call planning of a collection call
How team efforts can enhance collections
The art of collections
The philosophies of collection
Plus 42 other topics! Available on video, seminar or self-study manuals
VOLUME 3: Effective Communication Techniques for Debt Collectors  
The emotional side of the collection call
Collection communication guidelines
How to close the call on a positive note
Why effective listening is important in collections
Phrases to avoid during collection
Phrases to use during collection
The Seven Step Process of successful dialogue
Action words that will achieve effective collections
Plus 48 other topics! Available on video, seminar, or self-study manuals
VOLUME 4: Customer Service, Skiptracing, and Compliance Procedures for Debt Collectors
Customer Service Techniques
How to promote goodwill with debtors
Collections department vision and values
Effective customer service techniques
Why collection and salesmanship are similar
How to close when a customer is upset
How collectors can be customer service focused
The sales cycle
Why use sales personnel as collectors?
How to put customers at ease
Some famous excuses by debtors
Skiptracing and Debt Compliance Procedures 
Critical factors of skiptracing
Requirements of a successful skiptracer
When to answer questions while skiptracing
When and how to begin skiptracing
Seven main reasons to start skiptracing
How to prevent a "skip"
Sources and tools of skiptracing
Proper procedures of obtaining location
Plus 84 other topics! Available on video