CK 2000 – Supervisory Management Techniques
Antigua Public Utilities Authority

The most valuable part of the program to me was about job description, disciplinary procedures, performance appraisals and goal achievement. These are key elements in any organization and though pertinent, are often overlooked by Supervisors. The program offers user friendly material, examples and references that are workable, practical and reasonably relevant to improving my effectiveness. The instructor keeps you continuously engaged by his methods. I would definitely attend another of his training.

Claudette Martin-Ladoo, Accounts Receivable Controller – Antigua Public Utilities Authority

The training showed me clear steps on how to organize, plan and follow through with great emphasis placed on patience and inclusion of staff contribution. These are areas that I need to practice if I’m going to become more effective at my job. The instructor was an excellent communicator, the information was clear, informative and his interactive style augers well for trainings such as this.

Lenore Murray, Cash Management Controller – Antigua Public Utilities Authority

All areas of the training covered were valuable and the information will help in improving Supervisors as well as their organizations. Individuals who attend this training will have the opportunity of gaining a wealth of knowledge. The instructor was excellent in his delivery and used real life examples in his discussions.

Marcia Anne Lowe – Antigua Public Utilities Authority

The section around Staff Orientation was most valuable to me as there are areas that I would love to see implemented in our organization. The instructor was witty, his presentation was very good, and he encouraged feedback. Overall, it was excellent; I now have knowledge that I can impart on others. I believe that this training is an eye opener for most companies in Antigua.

Primrose Lewis, Customer Service Supervisor – Antigua Public Utilities Authority

Time Management was especially valuable to me as this is one of my weaker areas. The training highlighted many things that were incorrectly done and reinforced ways in which daily activities can be done in a more structured manner. I believe I have learnt a lot and will use the information to become more effective in areas around communication and time management. I most definitely would attend other training with this instructor. His style of teaching is unusual.

Yvette Bird, Supervisor, Accounts Department – Antigua Public Utilities Authority