CK 5100 Performance Management
Courts Trinidad Ltd.

The information was detailed and practical. The information from this training will also allow me to more effectively use my supervisory position and skills to groom and motivate my staff to excel. The instructor was focused and passionate about us learning our roles as Supervisors.

Richard Charles, Credit Supervisor - Courts Trinidad Ltd.

The program highlights the importance of time management which happens to be one of my shortcomings. The concepts discussed were brought across in a pragmatic manner, thereby making it easier to apply to day-to-day supervision. I would definitely recommend this program to other members of my Trinidad team as there are apparent deficiencies in supervisory management and this training would undoubtedly strengthen the team. An excellent and entertaining facilitator… I would feel very privileged to be part of another training with him.

Dora Edoo, Credit Supervisor - Courts Trinidad Ltd.

The program allowed me to reflect on my daily duties and refreshed my memory on other areas. It allowed me to see things from a different perspective and to be better equipped to manage my staff. The section around incidental diaries is very essential, especially if staff evaluation is done only once per year. I look forward to sharing the material with my staff for job enlargement and enrichment.

Mirna Mira, Assistant Credit Manager - Courts Trinidad Ltd.

This program is an excellent source of information, creative and practical approach to everyday and unusual circumstances. I will be able to use every piece of information discussed and presented here to manage my department more efficiently. I would recommend this training to all the departments in order for us to achieve maximum performance. The instructor is very knowledgeable and interactive; he uses real examples and explains and discusses in detail, even with the short time allotted.

Michelle Williams, Assistant Credit Manager - Courts Trinidad Ltd.

Time management is the main hindrance in my performance and having attended this training, I’m now equipped with the necessary tools to carry on my tasks. The training was short but realistic and was presented in a way that I could have identified with each example. The trainer is eloquent and to the point. He identifies with each situation.

Maurisa McNeil, Credit Supervisor - Courts Trinidad Ltd.