Saint Lucia

CK 5100 Performance Review and Job Evaluation Management
Courts (Unicomer), St. Lucia Ltd.

The most valuable part of the program was around time management. It showed more effective ways to organize my tasks and duties and the interaction between my personal and professional goals. I’m now more aware of the challenges Supervisors encounter on a daily basis and can now deal with problems and situations more effectively. Yes, I’d attend further trainings with the instructor because of his interactive training methods.

Sariah Daniel, Legal Officer - Courts St. Lucia Ltd.

This is a comprehensive program that highlights all the various aspects of supervision and issues within an organization. After participating in this training, I can now keep better incident reports, be more interactive with the staff and be more of a participative supervisor. The instructor was inspirational, his presentation, experience and knowledge makes me want to become an exceptional supervisor.

Zita Joseph, Supervisor - Courts St. Lucia Ltd.

Excellent training overall. It took me back to the basics and showed ways to grow personally. The information will be used to improve my performance and deliver better service to internal customers. The training could have been longer but nevertheless the instructor made the session interesting and allowed persons to participate and share their experiences too.

Georgette Cole, Supervisor - Courts St. Lucia Ltd