Turks & Caicos Islands / Guyana

CK 2004 Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership Management
Turks & Caicos International Airports Authority
Corporate & Commercial Credit, Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited

The program will enable me to reassess what I knew before attending this workshop, and reevaluate my approach in various areas as well as rethink my methods of doing certain training-related tasks. The topics discussed in the areas of delegation of duties, as well as incentives and rewards, were of utmost importance to me. I will incorporate some of the ideas and techniques in my 2013 training budget.

Claudia Been-Munnings, HR, Training & Development Manager, Turks & Caicos International Airports Authority, Turks & Caicos Islands

The performance appraisals methods learnt, are extremely important for an employee’s future development and growth. I see ways that I can implement various initiatives in my department to add value; provide ways to improve upon information sharing, and delegation of some responsibilities and tasks to others. This program is very good for managers and supervisors in understanding their roles when dealing with their subordinates.

Sasenarain Jagnanan, Senior Manager, Corporate & Commercial Credit, Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited, Georgetown, Guyana