CK 2007 Training Design & Presentation Delivery
Paradise Island Beach Club

This Training Design & Presentation Delivery training was very relevant to my job as a trainer. I liked the area that dealt with the use of videos and Power Point presentations. This was an excellent course that can help individuals who do training for a living. 

Quincy Johnson, Mechanical Technical Trainer, Paradise Island Beach Club, Nassau, Bahamas

What I liked most about this course was learning about the ways to approach adult learners who have different learning styles. What really stood out for me was the instructor’s emphasis on Preparation, Presentation and Promoting participation. As a new trainer, I found this course very relevant to what is necessary to help me rise to the next level in my career. The instructor was quite approachable and gave us practical and constructive feedback during our delivery and presentation.

Zanda Bonamy, Mechanical Technical Trainer, Paradise Island Beach Club, Nassau, Bahamas

I can honestly say that anyone can gain value from attending this train-the-trainer course. Learning the basic and advanced preparation and how to manage one’s time effectively before, during and after a presentation was of most value to me. This is a course that I would recommend to anyone who is willing to become a proficient trainer. The instructor was clear and precise; he made the subject matter easy to understand. 

April Sears, Senior Clerk, Paradise Island Beach Club, Nassau, Bahamas