Kingston, Jamaica

CK 600 Debt Collection & Revenue Management
Westmoreland Co-Op Credit Union
Jamaica Public Service Co., Ltd.
Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority,
International Credit Mgt. Ltd.

This Debt Collection training program over the last few days,  has given me a lot to think about as I move forward in my position.  It not only gave me insight, but has helped me to become better equipped in doing my work, and setting  goals and targets for my employees who report to me.  The instructor’s style was in-depth, informative and constructive.

Yvonne Gordon, Delinquency Control Manager, Westmoreland Co-Op Credit Union, Jamaica

The training was practical and realistic and will enable me to be more knowledgeable about my job.

Maralie Hall, Collections Agent, Jamaica Public Service Co., Ltd., Kingston, Jamaica

Learning about the importance of arranging and displaying data in various generated reports was very useful.  I have learned a lot over a three-day period in this Debt Collect training course.  The information obtained will be helpful in carrying out my job responsibilities.  The instructor is very people-oriented and a subject matter expert!  The instructor used logical and realistic answers to questions when asked. 

Althea Ennis, Accountant/Receivables, Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority, Kingston, Jamaica

I wish that other debt collectors could use the same principles outlined by the instructor!  I wonder how many of them know the strategies involved in collecting on outstanding debts.  The DVDs and videos used in the training were very helpful in understanding more of the topics.  Every topic the instructor introduced was relevant to me.  The instructor has an excellent teaching style. 

Judith Foster, Senior Accountant, Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority, Kingston, Jamaica

In my opinion, this Debt Collection training is a very good program, and will I recommend it to my peers. The instructor is personable, articulate and was very clear in the delivery of the presentation.

Hyacinth Simmonds, General Manager, International Credit Mgt. Ltd., Kingston, Jamaica