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CK 1400 Human Resources Management
Montserrat Customs and Revenue Services
Nevis Cooperative Credit Union Ltd.,
Princess Juliana International Airport
Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority,
ING Bank, Curacao
Nevis Air & Sea Ports Authority

All aspects of this training program was valuable to me. For example, these are the topics that were important to me, were ways to communicate with employees; their health, safety and welfare; the importance of being the type of leader that one should aspire; the legal aspects of human resources, as well as the internal policies that should be in place. These all became clearer in my mind.

The course itself was very informative, and provided each participant with sufficient knowledge of the complexities and requirements of human resources management. It also served as a refresher course that I had gotten from previous courses in which I participated.

In the final analysis, this program will enable me to be a better manager of my time, as I picked up helpful techniques that I can utilize. Due diligence will be done to ensure the that the right persons are hired for the right positions.

The training instructor was very knowledgeable and used real-life examples, and not just relied on the training manual that was given to each participant. This training instructor’s method of teaching was very thorough, and as a result, I am glad that I had an opportunity to attend this training.

Erica Simon, Senior Administrative Clerk, Medical Benefits Scheme, St. John’s, Antigua

All the topics covered in this training program have highlighted the importance of our most valuable asset – our human resources capital – the need for their safety and welfare – the need to keep them motivated -- the need to keep them motivated; their benefits and compensation, and a host of other factors that need to be addressed. This program caused me to realize how authentic leadership is, and going forward, .what I garnered from the training will be utilized to make me more effective and efficient in my job.

Without any hesitation, I would recommend this training program be extended to other folks who are human resources practitioners.

The instructor was skilled and very masterful in his delivery and has an enormous amount of knowledge which was evident to me. Without a doubt, I would definitely attend other courses conducted by him, just because of his teaching style as well as the interactive way it was conducted, thus making it comfortable and effective for all of us who were in attendance.

Derona Semper, Senior Assistant Secretary, Human Resources Management, Government of Montserrat, Brades, Montserrat

I definitely enjoyed the training; the facilitator did an excellent job. The videos and practical examples helped to enforce what was taught.  The information is very relevant and useful to both new and experienced HR professionals.  The knowledge will improve my effectiveness thereby allowing me to become more proactive and much better at my job.

Allison Delmede, Human Resource Manager, National Insurance Corporation, St. Lucia

The program gave good guidelines and practical experience. The delivery and content was great! The facilitator was well spoken, prepared and very knowledgeable.

Nadia Alcide, Acting Director of Human Resources and Administration, Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority, St. Lucia

I took this course because HR management is new to me.  I learned a lot from the course, and was exposed to several areas that will help me in my job.  The instructor made me feel very comfortable with the terminology.  Also, he made sure I totally understood different concepts before he moved on to other topics.  I will use the knowledge I gained to grow and improve in my role of operations manager.

Bernadette A. Matthew, Operations Manager, Bank of Montserrat

Very impressive and informative…  What I have learnt will not only improve on my efficiency and effectiveness but will allow me to use the knowledge and ideas to handle certain situations and to implement some of the learned programs within my organization.  There was never a boring moment. The instructor’s style of teaching and the atmosphere created kept us alert and focused.  I am so impressed that on my return my recommendation will be that Cohen & Klein Consulting be invited to conduct some training sessions in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Barbara Lynn Parker, Administrative Officer – Department of Education, Turks & Caicos Islands

I gained lots of information from this training. I’ve learnt how to deal with people and handle different situations. I think others can benefit from this training because it can help with managing the day to day responsibilities in the workplace efficiently and effectively. 

Claudia Seymour, Administrative Officer, Turks and Caicos Government-National Drug Unit, Turks and Caicos

This training was very informative and relevant. It taught me important aspects of my job that needs to be implemented and addressed. 

Karen Missick, Administrative Officer, Turks and Caicos Government-Ministry of Finance, Turks and Caicos

I have gained knowledge and clarity. This training will help me to deal with workers and challenges in the workplace more effectively. I would recommend this training to others because it is enhancing personally as well as professionally.

Verneice Selver, Administrative Officer, Turks and Caicos Government-Ministry of Finance, Turks and Caicos

The workshop was useful and of value-added benefit to the overall role and responsibility of the HR department in our organization.  This course gave me a better understanding of the role HR plays.  The instructor is an excellent presenter, with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Cheri M. A. Hanna, Assistant General/Human Resources Manager, Bahamas Water & Sewerage Corporation, Nassau, Bahamas

The instructors’ informative teaching style and methods makes retention of the material learnt easier to absorb. The entire program was valuable, I enjoyed it .

Arlene Graham-Farrington, Human Resources Manager, Commonwealth Building Supplies Ltd., Bahamas

I definitely enjoyed the training; the facilitator did an excellent job. The videos and practical examples helped to enforce what was taught.  The information is very relevant and useful to both new and experienced HR professionals.  The knowledge will improve my effectiveness thereby allowing me to become more proactive and much better at my job.

Allison Delmede, Human Resource Manager, National Insurance Corporation, St. Lucia

All of the information presented in this training program was relevant to the course.  I particularly liked the areas discussed on leadership, coaching, mentoring, delegation, empowerment and communication, and their relationship to the bigger picture. As a human resources practitioner, it is very important for managers and supervisors to be exposed to relevant training which helps them to be more competent and effective.  After my attendance in this course, I will implement some of the techniques learned.

Rhonda Anthony-Francis, Human Resources Assistant, LIAT (1974) Ltd., St. John’s Antigua

This training program has been very beneficial to me personally.  I would highly recommend the program to other human resources practitioners because people are our most valuable assets in the workplace.  With changes happening in our world on a daily basis, persons need to be trained to deal with the myriad of issues as they arise in the workplace. I have enhanced my skills and even added new ones that will help me to be more effective in my role.  There is a lot of useful information in the manual that will be applied to my organization.
The instructor’s teaching style or method of teaching was excellent!  The training manual and videos shown were compliments to each other and made whatever explanation given, very clear.  The instructor also used real life experiences which was a big plus!

Hyacinth D. Lindsey, Tax Information Exchange Officer, Montserrat Customs and Revenue Services Government of Montserrat

his program was quite effective, relevant, beneficial, informative, and covered all areas of human resources management, and the issues practitioners face in their daily activities on the job.  Most of all, the program content was valuable to my personal development, for example, in the areas of employee bullying, performance appraisal, staff meetings, time management, delegation, conflict resolution, staff retention and succession planning.  I now have a better understanding of the proper procedures to utilize, and to deal with these issues, that will improve my inefficiencies in the workplace.  I have realized that some of the practices that I am using are not right and needs to change to ensure a productive workforce. The instructor is an excellent one.  Many of the examples and material that were given, ensured that we all understood the importance of applying proper human resources management policies.

Shirlian Queeley, Assistant Secretary, Government of Montserrat

This was an excellent training program that will help me to improve my time management skills.  It will definitely enhance my effectiveness, as well as those of my employees. I also believe that for everyone who aspires to become a manager/supervisor, they should have the opportunity to attend this training program.

Dorette Cameron, Human Resources Manager (Acting), Montserrat Utilities Limited, Montserrat

The instructor was quite knowledgeable on the topic of human resources issues, and he used real-life incidents to get his points across to the participants.  His teaching style was very practical and easy to understand.  The teaching aides, such as videos shown were all adequate and necessary.  I would definitely recommend this course, as anyone who takes this course will be better equipped to perform his or her duties as a manager or supervisor.
This course has sharpened my knowledge on the human resources matters, that I am hoping to introduce in my company.  I will use the methods of learning and information-sharing with my staff, especially the management team that comprises managers and supervisors.

Julet Chiverton, Administration/Human Resources Nevis Cooperative Credit Union Ltd., Nevis

I view all aspects of this course equally valuable  It just depends on what situation could arise, and then applying the relevant section(s) of the manual.  The course was very valuable, informative, detailed and every practicing human resources personnel should be given the opportunity to take this course, as it could make a big difference in the workplace.  Also, it will improve my effectiveness on my job responsibilities because knowledge is power.  The knowledge that I gained will be useful in implementing some of the programs in my work teams.

E. Elreter Simpson-Browne, Ministry of Sustainable Development, Government of St. Kitts

Every topic that was explored in this training program presented was useful to me.  Several tips can be used to improve current procedures at my workplace.  The training was thought-provoking, and eye-opening, and gives not just textbook scenarios, but real-life examples. Quite a few things that were discussed highlighted some short comings with my current operations.  The training course offered suggestions, and guidelines on improving procedures and policies. The instructor was engaging.  He ensured we were understanding the many points which were cemented through the use of video presentations.  His experience allowed him to give us real-life examples that brought to life the subject matter being discussed.

Giselle D. T. Solomon, Manager, Human Resources Unit, St. Kitts & Nevis National Bank Ltd., St. Kitts

This human resources management training program was relevant and timely.  I believe that this program would be beneficial to others in my organization who are unaware of their roles and responsibilities of their job in human resources.  I see the need to manage and update our policies and procedures within our organization to ensure that employees are aware of them.  I was truly enlightened and aware of how much human resources has advanced over the years.  The instructor’s illustrations and real-life examples of the subject matter was remarkable, and I definitely would like to attend more of these training programs in the future!

Brenda J. Lindsey, Assistant Secretary, Human Resources Management Unit, Government of Montserrat, Montserrat

The legal aspects of human resources, the human resources manpower audit, strategic management and planning, the roles and responsibilities of the human resources practitioners, the recruitment and selection process, termination procedures, sexual harassment, crisis management, and others, were all topics of importance to me.  This program will improve my effectiveness based on what I have learnt and will help me to see issues in a new light.  I can proudly say I left this training being very sure of the career path I would like to take in becoming a human resources manager.  I will take the knowledge I have gained and share it with others to do the same, i.e., follow human resources policies, stating facts, keeping important records, being respectful to others, time management planning, the importance of performance reviews, implementing the Incident Diary, organize productive meetings, mentoring and coaching, and other topics that were covered.
The instructor’s teaching style kept each participant engaged and involved at all times.  Most of all, the instructor really ensured that no stones were left unturned, and that each participant got his/her money’s worth! This was a well-organized and well-presented workshop!

Naseeka Rogers, Senior Clerical Officer, Human Resources Management Unit, Government of Montserrat, Montserrat

This course provided me with valid information to assist me in my current work-related problems that face me on a daily basis. Also, the discussions with the instructor were objective and practical, especially in the area of succession planning.  The instructor was very good!

Juliet Arthur, Human Resources Manager, Turks & Caicos Islands Police, Turks & Caicos Islands

All areas of the program were relevant.  However, Performance Appraisal was of particular interest to me because it emphasized the need to customize appraisals for various job functions.  I also learnt new procedures and methods that can be implemented to individuals more effectively. The instructor was interactive and encouraged participation.  I would definitely recommend this training to others so they too can be exposed to the evolving aspects in Human Resources Management, thereby developing personally and by extension their organization.

Edith Thomas Roberts, Personnel Officer, Dominica Electricity Services Ltd., Dominica

Self-development is my ultimate goal and I believe this program will improve my effectiveness. The program gave insight on Employee Assistant Program and other useful programs that can be conducted in the organization to enhance the working life of employees. Also, it showed how implementing best HR practices would enhance a stable industrial relations climate and increase productivity. Therefore, I would recommend this program to others.

Meridith Gumbs, Human Resources Manager, Health Authority of Anguilla, Anguilla

Entering into this program as an inexperienced H.R. person, I saw where most of the sessions can be applied to my institution. This program would help to enhance and upgrade critical areas in my institution. The program was very informative, helps you to analyze different aspects of your organization and show you ways to improve. The creative instructor allows class interaction and puts you at ease using real life situations to help you understand what he is talking about.

Imogen Mussington, Accounts Assistant, Anguilla Development Board, Anguilla

This training is relevant to my job responsibilities as there is always room for improvement.  With the information and learning tools given I will be better able to implement procedures within my department and ultimately the organization.  I was very comfortable with the techniques and styles used, it was very easy for me to follow and understand.  This training will add value to my current operation, growth and future developments.

Jacqueline Hanley, Director of Operations & Human Resources – Nevis Tourism Authority

Staff recruitment, conducting interviews, orientation and the employee assistance program were the most valuable parts of the program for me. Sufficient material and examples were provided to help me improve my effectiveness.
The instructor was very interactive and motivating. I learned a lot; this training was excellent! 

Kaylinda Richardson, Office Manager, Morgan & Morgan Trust Corporation Ltd., British Virgin Islands 

This training exposes participants how to deal with different situations effectively.  Both the training material and the lecturer provided me with useful information to fulfill the expectations of my human resources duties.

Bernice Watty, CEO Secretary, Dominica Air & Sea Ports Authority, Roseau, Dominica

The content of this human resources management training program would be  beneficial to most people, whether one is a line staff, new to the human resources field, and being a supervisor or manager.  It has given me a greater understanding of the objectives of my organization, and, having done this course, I have gained a greater understanding of my responsibilities of my job.  I have learned how to recognize my employees’ contributions and how to gain their loyalty in win-win situations. I would recommend this training program because of the facilitator’s style and presentation, and whose examples were accurate and realistic.  I also liked that the instructor encouraged questions throughout the program.

Joanne Natalie Richards, Coordinator, Heritage Quay/Vendors Mall St. John’s Development, St. John’s, Antigua

I believe that this program would benefit almost all human resources practitioners!  I have learnt new ways where I can either implement and/or improve upon the functions of my job. There was no room for distractions or boredom, since the instructor made the discussions very interactive and lively.

Allison Benjamin, HR Manager, Compensation, Recruitment Benefits LIAT (1974) Ltd., Coolidge, Antigua

I would recommend this program to my colleagues, as they would receive valuable and practical information that would help them in becoming more effective in their jobs.  There were many things that I learned that I will implement and use to improve the processes and procedures in my department and organization. The videos and examples given by the instructor were very valuable and helped me to re-emphasize and affirm the things that I need to improve in my own department.  Also, the stories and examples given by the instructor gave me a greater understanding of the subject matter.

Seymone Smith, HR Coordinator, American University of Antigua, St. John’s, Antigua

This program will improve my effectiveness in the services that are provided by the human resources department in view of the principles that I have learned.  I learned some new principles and techniques that I can adopt regarding recognition and motivation of staff, succession planning and progressive discipline.  Generally speaking the entire program was extremely beneficial to me.
The instructor, Mr. Nethersole was very  personable and pleasant, and, as a result, I felt very comfortable about asking questions.  He used real-life examples that were very relevant and useful, and which helped us to understand different principles presented.

Ingrid Chambers Richards, Human Resources Officer, Caribbean Airport Services, V.C. Bird International Airport, St. John’s, Antigua

This training program was very informative, and I left with so much more information than when I went into this course.  For example, in the manner in which we interact with others, or the ways in which we speak to our employees when we discipline our staff members in the presence of other staff.  This program helped me to realize that this type of communication behavior is never acceptable in any way.
I will consider more cross-training and delegation of my staff, as this will allow me to free up my time to oversee other aspects of my job responsibilities. Also, it will allow me to determine which employee is best suited to a position, and to mentor and coach others to their full potential.  I would recommend this course to all supervisors and managers of all departments within my organization.  I would like to attend other training programs that are offered by Cohen & Klein Consulting.

Elfrieda J. Lewis, HR Officer, Compensation, Recruitment Benefits

The ability to communicate with people from all walks of life is very important, and the most effective way to assist employees in my organization.  This course gave me a comprehensive review of the human resources practitioner’s responsibilities, which I can apply to both my personal and professional live.  By utilizing the combination of time management practices and effective communication techniques, it will help me to implement and/or start the conversation to prepare for future and current incidents that occur or need to be addressed in the organization.

Dionne Francis, Executive Assistant, Kennedys Club Ltd., St. John’s, Antigua

This was very educational and informative training program that incorporated a lot of what I learnt on the job.  I have come away with a lot of new knowledge regarding how and when I use the “memorandum of understanding, scheduling meetings with employees, the health and safety of the employees, and other personnel matters were of significance to me.  The videos used in the training were very helpful to understand the topics discussed.  I liked that at the end of each day we had to summarize what we had covered each day.

Denise Francis Shepard, Human Resources Manager, Kennedys Club Ltd., St. John’s, Antigua

This was a very interactive and informative training program that I enjoyed very much.  I am glad that I had the opportunity to interact with other human resources practitioners who attended this training program.  I found all aspects of the course invaluable since most of my human resources experience was primarily from on-the-job training and hands-on experience.  I view this training program as an asset, which will set the parameters for me to operate from a practical viewpoint, as I feel very empowered and equipped to fulfill the role of human resources manager. Finally, the instructor was very effective in using real-life situations, which helped to cement the principles in my mind.

Morolie Francis, Human Resources Supervisor, Antigua and Barbuda Social Security Board, AntiguaT (1974) Ltd., Coolidge, Antigua

The areas that were most valuable to me were Staff Orientation and Effective Staff Meetings.  The instructor has a wealth of knowledge and was excellent in his delivery of the program.  I can take what I’ve learnt and impart it within my organization.

Cavelle Francis, Senior Clerk II - Antigua Public Utilities Authority

I considered the entire presentation valuable as it addressed all areas of my current job functions.  The program was appropriate and included real life incidences.  The importance of departmental functions was reinforced; overall it was very good.  The instructor was clear, precise and his presentation allowed individual responses and sharing. I would attend more training and recommend others too.  

Wendy Jackson, Senior Administrative Clerk – Antigua & Barbuda Medical Benefits Scheme

The section of the program that was most appealing to me was the section on the orientation of new employees.  Many of the ideas presented by the instructor will be incorporated into the current process at my place of employment.  In general, this was a very detailed and comprehensive program and I have gained clarity and a new perspective with some questions I had prior to taking this course.  The instructor was engaging and straight-forward, and provided examples that clarified some questions that I had. 

Dahlia Mercy, Human Resources Officer, MBJ Airports Limited, Montego Bay, Jamaica

This program has addressed most of the issues one is liable to encounter on the job.  Almost all the topics covered, especially in the human resources manpower audit, performance management, meeting planning, and new employee orientation were of most value to me.  Also, this comprehensive program is necessary and effective to assist person in the field or who are new to the profession.  This training program will enable me to apply most of what I have learnt on the job, and expand in some of the areas in which I need improvement.  The instructor was very informative and presented various scenarios that was helpful to participants in understanding the material. 

Kereen Sampson. HR Assistant

Every segment of this course was of great importance to me, especially in the area of Performance Management.  I was given a lot of information in performance management and plan to use this as a vehicle to improve and motivate staff to drive organizational effectiveness through the company’s mission and goals.  I enjoyed the teaching methods of the instructor because he used a number of real-life scenarios that relates to the working environment.  I will also recommend that others from my organization take this course.

Raymon Joseph, Human Resources Officer, Princess Juliana International Airport, St. Maarten

This training will help me to make a positive contribution to new implementation and adjustments in our Human Resources Department. 

Soraima Blancheville-Theodora, Human Resources Officer, ING Bank, Curacao

It was a very information four-day session.  This course will definitely improve my effectiveness as I now have the knowledge to make certain recommendations and implement change in the way our department is managed.  I have learnt a lot and feel more confident in functioning effectively in the HR department, in order to achieve the department’s goals and objectives.

Loretta France, Human Resource Officer, Nevis Air & Sea Ports Authority, Nevis, St. Kitts