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The areas of this program that was most beneficial to me are as follows: leadership, staff motivation, effective communication, our company’s vision and mission, and conducting effective staff meetings. These are all areas and skills I need to strengthen and develop to better function in my position. Furthermore, the course was very comprehensive and very informative. The instructor was fully knowledgeable and very dynamic. I have not received any formal training prior to being appointed as a supervisor, so this course will help me to move forward and implement much of what I learned. This knowledge has truly empowered me!
Joycelyn Hoyte, Supervisor, Loans Administration, National Bank of the Virgin Islands, Virgin Islands


Overall, this program was very beneficial to me. All parts reflect areas where I will have to improve and implement immediately. This program, especially in the area of supervisory management, delivers a comprehensive overview that will enhance efficient performance. I would readily recommend this training course. The instructor’s delivery and experience was exceptional.
Michael Vanterpool, Senior Credit Officer, National Bank of the Virgin Islands, Virgin Islands


This course was very informative and provided me with tips to become a better supervisor. I feel that this course would be beneficial for other managers to attend because it introduces participants to a wide array of events, topics and situations that managers are likely to face. The instructor was dynamic and very easily understood.
Khalil Lewis, ICT Coordinator, National Bank of the Virgin Islands, Virgin Islands


Although I have been a supervisor for many years, this is my first time attending a training course that will help me to not only improve myself, but to grow and develop into a better supervisor. The course covered several areas that will help me in my day-to-day supervisory responsibilities. It addressed difficult situations in which I have found myself and it offered me ways that I can deal with these types of issues when they arise in the future. I also learned how to delegate more effectively in order to enhance and maximize my productivity, as well as my leadership and communication skills. Yes, I know I have a lot to learn, however, the training I receive will help me to become a more positive contributor to not only my company, but in my personal life as well.
Karen Christopher, Customer Service Supervisor, National Bank of the Virgin Islands, Virgin Islands


Presently, my organization does not have an effective performance appraisal system, and this is something that we desperately need, so I plan to implement it upon my return to the office. This course has raised my awareness in many areas that I was unfamiliar. The instructor was well-versed in the subject matter.
Clinton Ward, Senior Accounts Officer, National Bank of the Virgin Islands, Virgin Islands


This Supervisory Management course provided me with a sound base and background for many situations that will occur on the job. I now have a blueprint to guide my actions as a supervisor and manager. Moreover, this program was very well organized and provided me with invaluable information in a simple and easily understood way. The information I received in this course will go a very long way.
Garfield Gonsalves, Accounts Supervisor, Antigua & Barbuda Social Security Board, Antigua


I wish to say that this program is one that I would recommend very highly to those who are supervisors or who aspire to become supervisors and managers. There is so much material provided in this course to aid one’s improvement and knowledge of being a supervisor. Going forward, I can only become a more effective supervisor because of this program. The manual I received will become a part of my book collection and one that I can refer to as needed. The instructor is very knowledgeable in the subject area and the presentation was easy to understand. Great job!
Victoria Maudlyn Joseph, Supervisor, Customer Service, Antigua & Barbuda Social Security Board, Antigua


The mission and vision of any organization, once understood by managers, supervisors and staff, help to establish a clear pathway for all to work towards a common goal. This training course was an excellent one as it covered a wide range of areas. I am now equipped with knowledge and information that was provided to me in the training in a very clear and concise way. I have a better understanding of what it is to be an even more effective supervisor.
Andra Keizer, Administrative Officer, National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC), Kingstown, St. Vincent


First, I am pleased to note that the instructor’s style of teaching was very participative, and allowed all participants to interact, and ask questions freely. Second, the instructor made the topics easy to understand, while using personal experiences to clarify difficult-to-understand concepts. Third, what was of most value to me was the motivating and empowerment of staff. I come away from this training with an appreciation of management’s viewpoint, as well as my employees when situations or problems occur on the job.
Alicia V. Malone, Manager of Loan Processing, Government Employees’ Retirement System (GERS), St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands Bank of Montserrat


I found this entire supervisory management training to be very valuable in the area of staff training. When I return to the workplace, I will be implementing most of the supervisory and management techniques I learned. For example, time management, goal setting, and organizing effective staff meetings are strategies I can implement immediately and improve in these areas over time. Furthermore, the course has given me some important tools to assist my staff and myself to become more efficient and effective workers. The instructor was very effective in teaching the material, as well as having a masterful way in presenting and explaining difficult concepts.
Brenda Lee-Buffonge, Supervisor of Tellers & Treasury, Bank of Montserrat Limited, Brades, Montserrat