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The instructor was clear, concise and knowledgeable about the subjects discussed in the seminar. After my attendance, I feel more equipped to deal with issues that arise on the job.
Barry Knight, Chairman, Board of Directors, Social Security Board of Antigua & Barbuda


This training program was an eye-opener and provided me with an opportunity to relearn many concepts. It has already raised my level of confidence and provided avenues to be explored when dealing with supervisors and other managers. I would recommend this course to others because this hands-on seminar would be instrumental in driving the growth of many organizations. Also, the instructor was very fluent and moved the discussion along very effectively. The use of videos complemented the concepts taught.
Ruby Henry, Human Resources Manager, Social Security Board of Antigua & Barbuda


This course took a very comprehensive look at conflict resolution. The facilitator was excellent and presented the materials from a practical perspective. I would make this course longer, as there was a vast amount of information to be covered.
Joanne Smith, Board Secretary and Attorney, Social Security Board of Antigua & Barbuda


The concepts, content and principles covered in this course was excellent as well as informative. The instructor’s teaching style and methods were easily understood and very practical.
Clint Gilpin, Board Director, Social Security Board of Antigua & Barbuda


In this industrial relations and conflict resolution management training course, I was introduced to such topics as: collective bargaining, positive and progressive discipline, and the process of implementing this policy, amongst others. I also got a better understanding of the true role of HR in the organization. As a young leader, this course has given me a strong foundation on which to build. The instructor was very knowledgeable and used real-life situations that were very helpful to me.
Regis Burton, HR Systems Analyst, Antigua Public Utilities St. John’s, Antigua


This course provided me with real-life incidents that I could relate to, and will prove helpful to me in resolving future issues that often arise on the job. The instructor’s style and method of delivery was exemplary. I am very pleased with all the topics that were covered in the workshop, as well as the face-to-face interaction with other participants, as well as the instructor.
Philip Mulcare, Labour Officer, Department of Labour, Brades, Montserrat

This training program was an excellent one! It is very valuable to have a workshop focus on a difficult subject, and turn it into simple principles that can be used immediately. I would highly recommend this Industrial Relations and Conflict Resolution Management Workshop to everyone. The wealth of knowledge, and the real-life examples, which I received have already caused me to rethink and adjust my performance management strategies. I plan to develop and implement the policies and procedures taught in this course. Great workshop! Very well done, and very useful information delivered in an excellent manner.
Nathalise Pierre Modest, Human Resources Assistant Dominica Electricity Services Ltd., (DOMLEC), Roseau, Dominica