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This course provided me with a lot of information that would help not only individuals in the workplace, but in their day-to-day communication. I know it has provided me with new tools to handle the situations that will face me in the workplace, especially in the areas of dealing with difficult staff members, ways to increase staff productivity and managing them effectively. The instructor was very clear in the presentation, and provided many real-life situations that were quite helpful. I will use this training session to elevate myself within the organization.
Lorene Moore, Supervisor, Social Security Board, Basseterre, St. Kitts

Customer service is the door to every organization. It is so vital, that it can affect one's bottom line, or the organization will stagnate. As a supervisor, I am taking the knowledge and skills taught in this Supervisory Management program to help me improve the face of my organization, as well as my staff members. I learned about performance measures, and the proper roles and responsibilities for staff members and supervisors.
Sandra DeSilva, Supervisor, Social Security Board, Basseterre, St. Kitts

The workshop was a truly transformative experience for me. It was an excellent course!
Albert Fleming, Supervisor, Underground Cable, NV GEBE, St. Maarten

Instructor was very clear in explaining and giving numerous examples to participants. We have received ample material to work with and increase our knowledge.
Vernice Mercalina Peterson, Supervisor Technical Admin Distribution, NV GEBE, St. Maarten

This workshop was wonderful! This is the third workshop I have attended with this instructor, and another great one in which I participated.
Corina Peterson Coordinator, Technical Secretarial, NV GEBE, St. Maarten

Excellent presenter. Rapid pace, lots of variety, and many opportunities for discussion with the instructor and other participants.
Herman van Gurp, Supervisor/Junior Planners, NV GEBE, St. Maarten

This was an excellent training program. The part of the workshop that was of most interest to me, was on the principles of performance review, which is an immediate return on investment. The information presented is grounded in a sound body of evidence that can be seamlessly integrated into management operation strategies. In today's competitive environment, anyone who has not mastered these principles will find themselves at a significant disadvantage. The program was masterfully delivered and kept my interest throughout the entire workshop.
Walwyn Chiverton, Manager, Contribution Receivables
St. Kitts & Nevis Social Security Board, St. Kitts & Nevis

I appreciated getting this hands-on practice to bring these applications to use. The instructor's delivery was impeccable.
Denis A. Johnson, Manager, St. Kitts & Nevis Social Security Board, St. Kitts & Nevis

The instructor's delivery of the subject matter was simple and clear, and utilized examples throughout the session. The students were totally, and the training manual offered substantiated our learning.
Sheba Knowles, Lending Officer Antigua & Barbuda Development Bank, St. John's, Antigua

I gained knowledge and fresh insights that will aid my effectiveness on the job. This program was invaluable to me.
Evette Moore, Manager, State Insurance Corporation, Antigua

This program was on point and addressed my actual job responsibilities – I learnt a lot. The program was well paced with information, and will enhance my efficiency on the job.
Celestine Reynolds, Sr. HR Officer Antigua & Barbuda Airport Authority, Antigua