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CK 700-Debt Collection Strategies & Techniques
This training introduced new concepts that will help me improve efficiency and effectiveness in my department. The training also incorporated other parts of the company which can have an impact on debt collection. The instructor made the topics interesting and easy to understand.
Dulene Bradshaw, Commercial Sales Executive, Sol (Shell) Petroleum Ltd., Barbados

 CK 700-Debt Collection Strategies & Techniques
This program was well put together and delivered. I would recommend this training to others because it was very thorough and covered a variety of topics. The instructor was very professional and obviously very adept at what he does.
Heather Forde, Fleet Card Coordinator, Sol (shell) Petroleum Ltd., Barbados 

CK 700-Debt Collection Strategies & Techniques
I would recommend this program to others because it is very informative and persons would understand how different departments in a company go hand in hand in helping reduce debt. The instructor was extremely professional and articulate. His knowledge in this area is very vast.
Karen Bovell, Credit Coordinator, Sol (Shell) Petroleum Ltd., Barbados