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This performance review and job evaluation management training course was very well structured. The course provided me with valuable information that will serve me well in enhancing the efficiency of my workplace. The instructor has a passion for teaching, and did a wonderful job in helping participants understand their roles in the organization. I would like to attend other training courses in the future that are content-appropriate and applicable to my organization.
Fredericka Alexander-Durand, Human Resources Manager, Central Cooperative Credit Union Limited, St. George, Dominica

Coaching and mentoring, progressive discipline, succession planning, but most of all, the performance evaluation process, were areas of the workshop that were of tremendous value to me. The topics were very well explained by the instructor who made it easy for us to understand. These topics have reinforced my knowledge to better manage my department. Overall, this course was presented in a simple and straight-forward manner, and I will take my knowledge and train other supervisors in my company.
Eric Serrant, Human Resources Supervisor, Petro-Caribe (PDV Caribe), Dominica, Ltd., St. Paul, Dominica

The discussion on phrases to use, job competencies, bonus structuring creation, and supervisory skills, to name a few, were the areas of most importance for me. This is an excellent course for someone new to performance management, as well as new supervisors. The instructor was excellent!
Shirley Smith, Director of HR, Cahill Group of Companies, Newfoundland, Canada

All aspects of this training program were important to me, I learned a lot. In particular, the art of actively listening and understanding. These skills will help me in my leadership role to better understand and communicate with my staff and others. The instructor was very effective in presenting the information to the participants.
Ann-marie Blake, Supervisor, Banking Institution, Jamaica

The entire program added value and I especially liked the idea of having an incident diary. Very informative and the information is practical for everyday use. I can now be a better time manager, coach and leader by putting what I've learnt into practice. The instructor was very knowledgeable and backed up his information with real life experiences and encouraged participation. This training will be beneficial to my overall performance on the job and in life.
Lucetta Mapp, Credit Sanctions Supervisor - Courts St. Vincent Ltd.

I gained new knowledge on my responsibilities as a supervisor. I can now implement procedures that will increase productivity. I would have learnt more if we were given more time because the instructor was interesting and knew his material.
Nadine Davis, Credit Supervisor - Courts St. Vincent Ltd. Saint Kitts

The course details the benefits of implementing performance management systems that provide knowledge and skills needed. The main areas of benefit to me were the recruitment and the selection process as well as orientation programs. The instructor has a passion for what he teaches in addition to practical examples of performance management and its relevance to my industry.
Ericson James, Human Resources Manager, Anguilla National Bank, St. Kitts

This course allowed me to interact and even explore numerous examples which proved to increase my understanding in the subject of performance management. I think the course will assist to develop and perfect skills needed when conducting performance reviews with staff.
Pamela Pogson, Compliance Department, Anguilla National Bank, St. Kitts