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The entire program was very valuable to me and was time well spent away from the job. Every topic covered in this training course has had extreme importance and relevance in the debt collections process. I am now able to perceive the different tactics used by debtors, and I feel I can now make proper decisions when negotiating with debtors. The instructor’s style of teaching was very good because of the explanations and answers to questions that were right on point.
Kenneth Albert, Collections Officer Dominica Agricultural and Investment Bank (AID Bank) Bank, Roseau, Dominica


The areas of providing excellent customer service to all clients, the pre-call planning, and letter writing were of utmost importance to me. This course was very detailed, informative and very well-organized. The instructor was engaging and interactive while teaching the course. I realize that there is so much more knowledge and information to be gained.
Georgina Edwards, Recoveries Officer, Dominica Agricultural and Investment Bank (AID Bank) Bank, Roseau, Dominica


This training course was very relevant to credit, collections and customer service staff. In our organization, it is Dominica Agricultural and Investment Bank (AID Bank) that “collections is everyone’s business. I would like to learn more about the debt collection software and how it can benefit the recovery process. I have picked up a lot of great ideas as to how I can improve the effectiveness of my department. The instructor was very knowledgeable and interesting.
Farida Karan, Assistant Recoveries Manager, Dominica Agricultural and Investment Bank (AID Bank) Bank, Roseau, Dominica


This course content was very relevant to everyday collections situations I encounter in my job. I appreciated it very much including the area of customer service that was covered. The new collections strategies and additional skills I have acquired will be used effectively. Based on the instructor’s explanations, this course will improve my effectiveness because it addressed gaps in the areas that I have struggled to grasp. The instructor’s energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and experience were very evident.
Jurian DeJean, Recoveries Assistant, National Bank of Dominica, Roseau, Dominica


The customer service focus was the part that I enjoyed most in this training course. It gave me different ways in which I can work with my clients regardless of the mood of the debtor. I would recommend other collectors in my department to attend this type of training course as it definitely would improve their effectiveness. These collectors would be more successful in their collection calls and make strategic decision that impact delinquency ratios. I would definitely attend other debt collection training in order to increase my knowledge.
Leon Peter, Recoveries Officer, National Development Foundation of Dominica, Roseau, Dominica