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Although several of the topics covered in the course were out of the scope of my job description -- all of them were of importance to me. Also, all the topics that were outlined in the manual were covered, and the manual will serve as a roadmap or guide towards my future goals and endeavors. I truly learned a lot, and tips and techniques, which I can use in my own personal and professional life. The instructor was very good in delivering and presenting the information to the group, and used personal and practical examples relative to the subject matter.
Rhoda Francis, Administrative Assistant, Engineering, Transmissions and Distribution, Dominica Electricity Services Limited, Dominica

This training program was very comprehensive and has equipped me with the tools needed to be a more effective and reliable employee within the company. The section on internal and external customer service was of the most value to me because I have received the tools and skills needed to serve customers with respect and courtesy, which is in line with my job responsibilities.
This was a very compact and organized training program which was developed to highlight critical topics that deals with everyday situations at work. The instructor's teaching style kept me from being bored, as well as helped to give me a clearer picture of the information which was disseminated. I received value for my money, because I am both informed and trained to handle both internal and external customers alike.
Hannah Lawrence, Administrative Secretary, Engineering, Transmissions and Distribution, Dominica Electricity Services Limited, Dominica

Every aspect of being an administrative assistant and/or secretary was covered in this training program. I picked up a lot of information from the instructor who seems well-rounded and knows a lot about the subject matter.
This training truly exceeded my expectations, and I was very impressed with the vast amount of information I received. I feel very confident in my position and I much willing to take on more responsibilities.
Shanira John-Lewis, Administrative Assistant, Engineering, Transmissions and Distribution, Dominica Electricity Services Limited, Dominica

This was a very beneficial training program for me, especially in the areas of time management, planning and project management skills. These skills can be used to increase productivity and professionalism for administrative and executive assistants alike. I will apply the principles I learned in my role of executive assistant in my place of business. The instructor was very dynamic and knowledgeable about the subject areas taught in the course.
Kandra Aisles, Sr. Executive Assistant, Dominica Electricity Services (DOMLEC) Roseau, Dominica

My overall knowledge and experience prior to taking this course was average. I feel it will improve and enhance my communication skills for the better.
Corina Peterson, Coordinator Secretariat, N.V. GEBE, St. Maarten

This course was very relevant to my job and very useful information for my professional and personal life. I particularly liked the instructor's teaching style because he made the material very easy to understand, especially in the areas of succession planning, interviewing techniques and project management. The course will help me to manage my assigned workload more efficiently and effectively.
Danienne Brin, Executive Assistant, Development Bank of St. Kitts& Nevis, St. Kitts & Nevis

Given the current restructuring of the Immigration Department, this course has given me new insights when the time comes to integrate both police and civilians into the department. I feel more equipped to use the manpower audit technique to complete a succession planning exercise to aid our business continuity plan. The instructor's ability to make participants feel at ease, and the simplified, yet comprehensive way the course was taught, make it very easy to apply to one's business and professional life.
Atasha Morton, Executive Officer/Recording Secretary, Development Bank of St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Kitts & Nevis