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The instructor in this seminar provided participants with insightful information and very practical examples for the subject discussed. Leadership and performance incentives, are areas that we need to focus on in our organization.
Diana Cummings, Manager, Licensing & Regulatory Affairs, Office of Utilities Regulations (OUR), Kingston, Jamaica

The topics that were discussed in the training program were very relevant to effective management in the Twenty-First Century. The presenter's knowledge was outstanding.
Carolyn B. Young, Director/Administrator, Human Resources, Office of Utilities Regulations (OUR), Kingston, Jamaica

The instructor gave an in-depth presentation on succession planning, and its relevance to human resources and leadership management. There were several recommendations that were made in the workshop, which I plan to implement immediately. For example, re-orientation of staff members, and the method of conducting meaningful and objective performance appraisals. This was a well-organized and excellent training course!
Trevere Swanson, Personnel Manager, Social Security Board, Basseterre, St. Kitts

The employee evaluation and disciplinary process were the topics that I most enjoyed. The course has given me further insight into the need for formalizing and structuring a good communication plan.
Name Withheld, Molco Inc., Haiti

There were several topics taught in the course that was of tremendous value. Example: the new employee orientation, performance appraisal and the human resources audit process, to name a few, were extremely useful. I can now implement additional programs and review and update various areas/departments within the company.
Name Withheld, Executive Motors, Nassau, Bahamas

The areas which directly addressed succession planning reaffirmed what we are already doing in our organization.
Name Withheld, Grenada Co-operative Bank, St. Georges, Grenada