This program will improve my effectiveness in the services that are provided by the human resources department in view of the principles that I have learned.  I learned some new principles and techniques that I can adopt regarding recognition and motivation of staff, succession planning and progressive discipline.  Generally speaking, the entire program was extremely beneficial to me.
The instructor, Mr. Nethersole was very  personable and pleasant, and, as a result, I felt very comfortable about asking questions.  He used real-life examples that were very relevant and useful, and which helped us to understand different principles presented.
Ingrid Chambers Richards, Human Resources Officer, Caribbean Airport Services, V.C. Bird International Airport, St. John’s Development, St. John’s, Antigua


This training program was very informative, and I left with so much more information than when I went into this course.  For example, in the manner in which we interact with others, or the ways in which we speak to our employees when we discipline our staff members in the presence of other staff.  This program helped me to realize that this type of communication behavior is never acceptable in any way.
I will consider more cross-training and delegation of my staff, as this will allow me to free up my time to oversee other aspects of my job responsibilities. Also, it will allow me to determine which employee is best suited to a position, and how to mentor and coach others to their full potential. 
I would recommend this course to all supervisors and managers of all departments within my organization.  I would like to attend other training programs that are offered by Cohen & Klein Consulting.
Elfrieda J. Lewis, HR Officer, Compensation, Recruitment Benefits, LIAT (1974) Ltd., Coolidge, Antigua


The content of this human resources management training program would be  beneficial to most people, whether one is a line staff, new to the human resources field, and being a supervisor or manager.  It has given me a greater understanding of the objectives of my organization, and, having done this course, I have gained a greater understanding of my responsibilities of my job.  I have learned how to recognize my employees’ contributions and how to gain their loyalty in win-win situations.
I would recommend this training program because of the facilitator’s style and presentation, and whose examples were accurate and realistic.  I also liked that the instructor encouraged questions throughout the program.
Joanne Natalie Richards, Coordinator, Heritage Quay/Vendors Mall, St. John’s Development, St. John’s, Antigua


I believe that this program would benefit almost all human resources practitioners!  I have learnt new ways where I can either implement and/or improve upon the functions of my job.
There was no room for distractions or boredom, since the instructor made the discussions very interactive and lively.
Allison Benjamin, HR Manager, Compensation, Recruitment Benefits, LIAT (1974) Ltd., Coolidge, Antigua


I would recommend this program to my colleagues, as they would receive valuable and practical information that would help them in becoming more effective in their jobs.  There were many things that I learned that I will implement and use to improve the processes and procedures in my department and organization.
The videos and examples given by the instructor were very valuable and helped me to re-emphasize and affirm the things that I need to improve in my own department.  Also, the stories and examples given by the instructor gave me a greater understanding of the subject matter.
Seymone Smith, HR Coordinator, American University of Antigua, St. John’s, Antigua


The section of the program that was most appealing to me was the section on the orientation of new employees.  Many of the ideas presented by the instructor will be incorporated into the current process at my place of employment.  In general, this was a very detailed and comprehensive program and I have gained clarity and a new perspective with some questions I had prior to taking this course.  The instructor was engaging and straight-forward, and provided examples that clarified some questions that I had. 
Dahlia Mercy, Human Resources Officer, MBJ Airports Limited, Montego Bay, Jamaica


Knowledge is power, and this is what I have taken away from this exceptional training program!  It was not only informative, but fun!
Ethelyn R. Tupas, Restaurant Hostess, Norwegian Cruise Line, Manila, Philippines


This program has addressed most of the issues one is liable to encounter on the job. Almost all the topics covered, especially in the human resources manpower audit, performance management, meeting planning, and new employee orientation were of most value to me. Also, this comprehensive program is necessary and effective to assist person in the field or who are new to the profession. This training program will enable me to apply most of what I have learnt on the job, and expand in some of the areas in which I need improvement. The instructor was very informative and presented various scenarios that was helpful to participants in understanding the material.

Kereen Sampson. HR Assistant Montego Bay-Jamaica Airports Ltd., Montego Bay, Jamaica