This supervisory management training program was a very good opportunity for managers to learn more about managing others.  Being that I am from the financial sector, I would like to have more opportunities to become a manager and/or supervisor, so that I can apply the skills that I learned. 
The instructor explained everything with a simple and straight-forward manner which motivated me to learn more about supervisory management. 
Gunjan Jeswani, Financial & Administrative Officer, Montserrat Volcano Observatory, Flemmings, Monserrat


The content of this program was appropriate and provided reinforcement to allow knowledge-sharing. 
The videos, and other visual aids also helped me to conceptualize some of the topics discussed in the program.
Wendy K. Jackson, Director, Human Resources, Medical Benefits Scheme, St. John’s, Antigua

All of the information presented in this training program was relevant to the course.  I particularly liked the areas discussed on leadership, coaching, mentoring, delegation, empowerment and communication, and their relationship to the bigger picture. 
As a human resources practitioner, it is very important for managers and supervisors to be exposed to relevant training which helps them to be more competent and effective.  After my attendance in this course, I will implement some of the techniques learned.
Rhonda Anthony-Francis, Human Resources Assistant, LIAT (1974) Ltd., St. John’s Antigua


This supervisory management training program will improve my effectiveness in my role, as I learned a lot of things that I never knew about , especially on how to deal with staff members with different personalities. I will be using some of the techniques learned, especially in the areas of cross-training and rewarding members of my staff. 
Anthea Bennett, Guest Agent & Front-End Supervisory
Heritage Hotel, St. John’s, Antigua

The “Incident Diary” which was introduced by the instructor was my biggest take-away.  Rather than leaving things to memory, I can use this “tool” as a frame of reference or guide, to record “good and bad” behavior of my subordinates, as well as being a source of reference when needed. The instructor’s expertise on the subject matter was very notable.  I easily absorbed the subject matter being taught, and was able to identify with the examples provided. Also, I appreciated the open setting and the active discussions of participants throughout the training program. 
Ingraham Gordon, Senior Technician, Antigua Public Utilities Authority, Antigua


This supervisory management training course was very informative and will help me to become a more effective supervisor.  Overall, the course was very effective.
Oswald Howell, Housekeeping Supervisor, Heritage Hotel, Antigua


As a training officer, I will be able to effectively use the information and knowledge I gained from this course.  I will be implementing some, if not all, of the skills and techniques taught to me. I truly enjoyed the enthusiasm and knowledge of the instructor, as well as the practical examples used in the program to enhance each participant learning experience.
Dani Horsford, Training Officer, Antigua & Barbuda Social Security Board, Antigua


This program gave me an insight as to how I can become a better manager.  I particular enjoyed the topic of coaching and mentoring and plan to use most of the knowledge to groom my staff.  The videos were good supplements to augment the training I received.
Ransford Simms, Human Resources Manager, Antigua & Barbuda Social Security Board, Antigua


The topic on performance appraisal was the most beneficial part of my training, since it is one of the few times during the year, where an employee and the supervisor, can sit down and have a lengthy face-to-face discussion about all aspects of his/her job.
There are many supervisors in my organization who could benefit from this program.  They would learn a wide assortment of issues they face on the job daily, including the art of conducting performance appraisals, how to communicate effectively with all levels within the organization, including subordinates, and more effective time management skills which can be used in a personal and/or business setting. 
After attending this training program, I plan to give more recognition to my staff, which will in turn, serve to motivate, inspire, and energize them, and by so doing, help to improve productivity.
The instructor was very professional and knowledgeable, and allowed for interaction and questions throughout the training session.
John Blanchard, Credit Controller, Dominica Electricity Company Ltd. (DOMLEC), Rouseau, Dominica


This Supervisory Management training course was very educational and contained solid information that I can implement in the workplace.
Phyllis Alexander-Toussaint, Human Resources Officer, Dominica Electricity Services Limited, Dominica


The Theory X and Theory Y concepts were most important to me because of my awareness of how different people react to an issue depending on the tone in which they are addressed.  Because of this knowledge, I now know how to handle certain situations, as well as  planning and executing work in a proper manner.  This training was very beneficial to me.
Davidson Andrew, LPG Foreman, PDV Caribe Dominica Ltd. Dominica


This training was valuable to my position.  In my estimation, it is not only designed to develop new supervisors, but it also enhance current leaders in their areas of deficiency.  The areas discussed included useful examples to make the training easily understood.  This is the first training that I’ve attended that kept me intrigued from beginning to end.
Sandy Clements, Accounts & Administrative Supervisor, PDV Caribe Dominica Ltd., Dominica


This was an excellent training course that covered the essential areas of successful management techniques.  I have learnt how to improve on many areas of my role in management, namely, my performance appraisal and coaching techniques, as well as my communication skills.  The instructor was thorough and provided “live” examples as references.
Shanna Newton-Williams, Engagement Manager, Navigant Consulting Services, Dominica


The following topics gave me an opportunity to review my own performance on the job, and some areas that I wish to improve upon, for example, time management, employee performance appraisal, and delegating to my staff.  This course will enhance my management skills on the job, and I will apply them to my day-to-day administrative duties.
The instructor was very informative, and his training style and methods were beyond excellent.
Marcia Hall, Senior Administrative Officer, Turks & Caicos Islands Government, Turks & Caicos Islands


I enjoyed this training program and it will help me to be a more effective leader or supervisor.
Ethelyn R. Tupas, Restauranteur, Manila, Philippines


This was an excellent training program that will help me to be not only a better leader, but will also help me to manage my employees.  The instructor was excellent and is very knowledgeable.
Kandrick Forbes, Customer Service Supervisor, Provowater Company, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands


This program is designed to cater to every specific needs, and I feel that this training can benefit staff at every level in our organization.  After my attendance, it will help me to become a more effective, productive and successful supervisor, as I hope to aspire to higher level of management in the future.

Tanisha Clarke, Senior Collections Representative, Fidelity Bank (Bahamas) Ltd. Nassau, Bahamas