The entire program was valuable as this is my first training that correlates to my job title.  Yes, I would readily recommend this course as it is a great learning experience and it will enable me to not only sharpen my skills but be more productive and efficient.  I now have a better understanding of debt collections management that I can use to attain excellent performance management.
The instructor did an excellent job in explaining the material in the course and gave the attendees many real-life scenarios to which we could all relate.
Candice Pinney, Delinquency Control and Recoveries Officer, Nevis Co-operative Credit Union


All parts of this training program was very interesting.  The relevant information and new strategies I received will expand my knowledge as a collector and augment my performance as well.
Jackeline Marino, Debt Collector, Cayman National Bank, Cayman Islands


As 95% of my position involves my calling debtors, Debt collection call showed me ways in which I could become more effective in my job.  The program was in depth, and scenarios were spoken through the lens of a seasoned instructor.  
The program will improve my effectiveness as I am now more aware of the process and strategies of debt collection
The instructor has an excellent training style and method and kept us involved and enthusiastic.
Titus Ebanks, Debt Collector, Cayman National Bank, Cayman Islands


I was very glad that I attended this training program as I got a full understanding of the role of debt collectors and managers, and the associated responsibilities of these positions.  The information I received was very practical and useful and it will help me to manage and evaluate my collectors’ efficiency and effectiveness.
There are several areas discussed that have made me fully aware of the goals of being a collector or manager; the procedures to use when making calls to collect debts; the importance of the collector when interacting with our clients; and holding meaningful meetings between my staff and me.  
The instructor was very knowledgeable about the materials presented, and the training manual given to participants will prove very useful too.
Eunice Johnson, Fraud & Risk Manager, Fidelity Bank, Nassau, Bahamas


I would recommend this program because every business needs exceptional customer service in order to stay competitive.  This is why this area of the training was of most importance to me -- “exceeding customers’ expectation,” because once achieved, one can have a customer for life!  My attendance in this training will improve my effectiveness because it was very applicable to my job.  “One cannot place a dollar value on knowledge, once it is gained, it’s priceless!”
Dale E. Farrington, Collections Officer, Fidelity Bank (Bahamas) Ltd. Nassau, Bahamas


The topics covered in this debt collection training was of great significance to me, as well as the comprehensiveness of the manual. The instructor clearly understands the material, and as a result, I will encourage and recommend others in my organization to attend this training course in the New Year 2013.
Aubrey Sherman, Collections Manager, Credit Card Services, Fidelity Bank, Bahamas


This program was extensive, and the manual will prove very useful in the every-day-life of my duties as a debt collector.  I have taken away new and enhanced information, in terms of how to address debt collection queries and concerns.  The instructor was very knowledgeable about the subject matter -- I learned a lot!
Kristyl K. Bristol, Delinquency Officer, Development Bank of St. Kitts & Nevis, Basseterre, St. Kitts


What I loved about this training program, is that it not only provided visuals, and a nice atmosphere for learning, but the presentation by the instructor was outstanding!  I received a very well-laid-out manual that I can refer to daily.  Also, I have a clearer understanding of how I can use graphs to make comparisons to present data in more informative ways, and to set realistic targets that will deliver more effective reports to my managers.  This course was timely, informative, and very well presented!
Jasmine Irish, Operations Manager, Development Bank of St. Kitts & Nevis, Basseterre, St. Kitts


Since my job involves direct debt collections, the information I received in this training program will be very helpful to improve the way I approach my job.   Also, the program covered the entire debt collection process and gave me lots of information to improve my knowledge and skills.  I have learnt new techniques in analyzing data, and how to approach customers, whether face-to-face, or on the phone, and the right words to use in certain circumstances.  The instructor was very engaging, and his knowledge of the subject matter was outstanding.
Lisa Defoe-St. Jean, Customer Service Rep, Dominica Electricity Limited, Roseau, Dominica


My biggest take-away from this debt collections program was the current software being used in the industry, which allows for much better data capture and analyses of collections to assist with projections.  I also feel that this program will help me in my time management and customer service skills.  The instructor created a very comfortable environment and used practical examples to help all of us to grasp the information.
Ron Gregoire, Recoveries Officer, National Bank of Dominica Ltd. Roseau, Dominica


The internal operations of a collection agency, and transparency of debt collection techniques, were of utmost value to me.  It was a truly informative training program; the topics were relevant and expanded my knowledge.  The training manual was very comprehensives and will be useful in my job for a long time to come.
Janelle Cato. Senior Collections Officer, Cooperative Credit Union of Barbados, Bridgetown, Barbados


My take-away from this Debt Collections training course, was that it is very practical, and very comprehensive, without a doubt!  The instructor presented an extensive array of topics in the training course, which was thoroughly explained in an easily understood way.  Also, because the training course was interactive, each participant was engaged and focused, and asked and received satisfactory, if not practical answers to his/her questions.  We discussed various issues that occur in an ordinary day on job, and I felt we learnt from each other.  I left the course with information that will be helpful to tighten gaps in our internal processes, as well as new initiatives to improve effectiveness on the job.
Bobette Rigg, Senior Credit Manager, Unicomer (Jamaica) Ltd., Kingston, Jamaica

The overall content of this course was valuable and can be attributed to the instructor who is very knowledgeable, skilled and competent in presenting difficult information.   I have a greater appreciation for the layout of a call center or collections department, ways to generate various reports, and interpret trends and programs in Debt Collection Management.

Ann-marie Blake, Credit Officer, Banking Industry, Jamaica