In this training program, the relevance of goals, targets and benchmarks became much clearer in my mind.  Once the goals are in place it will give you the drive to achieve them and become more efficient and effective in debt collection.  
Every topic discussed in this course was relevant to me.  Also, because of the hands-on nature of this training program, it has given me a better perspective of collections and how to apply this knowledge to different situations. 
The instructor made sure that every member of the class understood each topic discussed.  I really am glad that I was able to attend this very interesting training program. 
Debbie Facey, Debt Collector, Cayman National Bank, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands


As a new collector, the relevance and meaning of this training was very important to me.  I learned different methods and techniques that are associated with being a collector of debts.  The program showed me all the things my department has been doing incorrectly, and ways that I can bring about changes to make the process better. 
The instructor was very good, and the style of teaching was right on point. 
Joshua Allan McLean, Debt Collector, Cayman National Bank, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands


This course is extremely vital to any person who works in debt collection. The principles taught in this program are second to none.  From my point of view, this program has sharpened my understanding of the debt collection industry and operations.  Also, with everything that I have learnt, I will be more effective in my job.  There isn’t anything about this program that I would change.  The instructor’s teaching style was very simple and easy to comprehend
Michael Gardener, Accounts Officer, Dept of Tourism, Government of the Cayman Islands, Cayman Islands


This program discusses various ways to collect bad debts and increase customer service skills.  I learned ways that I can improve my communication skills when dealing with delinquent and/or difficult clients and getting them to pay his/her debts.
Noel Robinson, Debt Recovery Officer, Dept of the Treasury, Government of the Cayman Islands, Cayman Islands


This course is a very practical and realistic approach to debt collection management.  It enlightened me to the importance of using effective strategies to reach and set recovery goals.  The instructor examples were in real time scenarios, and this allowed me to have a better understanding of the material and how to apply them to my duties as a collector.  It also gave me a clearer understanding of my duties as a debt collector. It enlightened me to the areas that I can make improvements to more effective ways to maximize my recovery efforts.  I would definitely be interested in attending other courses with this instructor, because I know the information obtained will improve my performance as a collector.  Plus, the instructor was very clear and made the course interesting.  Overall it was an informative and enjoyable training session.
Georgina Williams, Debt Recovery Officer, Ministry of Finance, Government of the Cayman Islands, Cayman Islands


This course taught me the skills in communicating with all types of clients.  The entire program content and principles taught were very well-presented by the instructor.
Elvis Clarke, Director of Operations, All Pace Company, Ltd.
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


I found this training course very informative.  I got a better understanding of what a debt collector does and how to meet my goals, objectives and benchmarks.  Also, my most valuable take away from the course was in the area of time management.  I have a better grasp of how to set up my day to become more efficient and productive.
Tashida Irish-Peters, Accounts Receivable Clerk, St. Maartens Medical Center Foundation, St. Maarten


After attending this training, I learned some new aspects for structuring, analyzing, and organizing my workload as a collector.  In the past, things were being done the old fashion way in my organization.  Because of the large volume of work, I will take back many ideas that I learned to streamline some of the processes.  The instructor used a lot of analogies and metaphors to clarify many of the topics that were covered; this was very effective because I was able to understand many difficult concepts.
Leonora Greene-Courtar, Accounts Receivable Clerk, St. Maartens Medical Center Foundation, St. Maarten


This CK 700 training course was very effective, especially in regard to customer service.
Luben Joseph, Fidelity Bank, Nassau, Bahamas