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CK 2005 Recruitment & Selection Management

I learned how to improve my recruitment and interviewing techniques and how to not only to supervise employees, but to delegate to my subordinates.  Generally speaking, this was a very effective and informative course that I would recommend to everyone.
Allison Benjamin, Human Resources Officer, Recruitment & Selection
LIAT (1974) Ltd. St. John’s, Antigua

I would definitely recommend this program to other recruitment officers and managers in any organization.  This program would give them not only a foundational basis but provide them with a better appreciation of the recruitment and selection process, and how to retain employees long after the hiring process.  I learned different skills and techniques that will enhance my capabilities in this area.
Some other areas that were key, for example, is that 1) recruitment is a continuous process, and I should never wait until the need arises; and 2)  the purpose in conducting a human resources manpower audits, this is something that can be employed at LIAT (1974) Ltd.  I definitely will introduce these technique in the organization.
Marcia Honore-James HR Officer, Recruitment & Selection
LIAT (1974) Ltd., Coolidge, Antigua