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CK 6129 Staff Morale and Change Management Procedures

The instructor gave practical examples and ideas which can be used in my job.  This course was most practical, most interesting and most valuable.
Alicia Bazil-Ashton, Manager, Human Resources
Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank, Coolidge, Antigua

I was very impressed with the information that was presented. The training manual used to back up the training added to the validity of the program. It is something that everyone could relate to. It will improve staff morale and change management processes across my own organization.  I can use the information I obtained to develop my staff through the application of principles that I have learned. I enjoyed this course!
Sonya Roberts-Carter, Senior Operations Manager
Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank, St. George’s, Antigua

Every part of this training program was of great value to me.  I left this workshop with a sense of hope that I can make a change within my organization which has serious issues of low staff morale among employees.  I have learnt some techniques and useful tools, as well as networked with other individuals from other organizations in this training program.
Janet Arlene Winter, Human Resources Manager
Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank, St. George’s, Antigua

 Staff morale is lacking in my organization, and I am hopeful that I can boost the performance and overall productivity of my staff, based on the techniques I learnt, and practical examples I can adopt.  I benefitted from the instructor’s training style and approach.  
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