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This course provided the necessary groundwork and foundation for any professional involved in strategic management. It highlighted many areas in my organization that I can improve upon. I will be able to implement new processes, policies, and make corrective actions as needed. This course has added to the knowledge I had of the topic before the training, and it will enable me to improve in my own position on the job. I liked the instructor's enthusiasm and passion, as it was a very pleasant learning environment.
Kima Tyson, Senior Tax Inspector, Government of St. Kitts & Nevis, Inland Revenue Department, St. Kitts & Nevis


This strategic management course will improve my skills, which in turn will help me to be more effective in the workplace.
Gibbs Stephenson, Finance Manager, PDV Caribe Dominica Ltd.
(Petro-Caribe) Dominica


This program will help me to apply some of the proven methodologies in my daily work. I have picked up some invaluable ways to not only manage my time, but to greatly improve my overall efficiency.
Henry Blanco, General Manager, PDV Caribe Dominica Ltd., (Petro-Caribe) Venezuela Dominica)


This strategic management training course not only taught me "the whys and the what's," it also taught me the how's as well. The training was personal, interactive, and very hands-on. It has motivated me to put some new policies and practices into operation in my organization The manual I received was more than adequate, and it covers various components of strategic management.
Donna Cumberbatch, Regional Finance Manager, Simpson Motors Ltd., Barbados


This training was the most effective I have ever attended! After my attendance at this training program, I feel I am more enlightened, and have a better understanding of the steps I must take to be a more efficient and excellent manager. I especially liked the topics on the different styles and approaches when coaching and mentoring my staff.
Mark McCalla, Customer Service & Sales Manager, Florida