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This training was very important to me, because I learned so much and am looking forward to applying some of these techniques on the job. This course will also help me to understand how to deal with my employees, and people in general. The instructor explained the concepts very well.
Herman van Gurp, Supervisor, Junior Planners N.V.G.E.B.E., Philipsburg, St. Maarten

I gained a lot of insights as to how to document worker's performance, and how to conduct their performance appraisals. This course will certainly help me in my leadership role, and help me to develop my supervisory skills. The instructor was very clear in the delivery of the course content, and very knowledgeable in the subject area.
Albert Fleming, Supervisor, Underground Cables N.V.G.E.B.E., Philipsburg, St. Maarten

This course helped me to improve my skills and knowledge in communications and interacting with others; coaching and mentoring my staff, and the significance of the "Incident Diary," for supervisors to document daily activities. This course, in my opinion, is a must for all supervisors and managers.
Corina Peterson, Coordinator, Technical Secretariat NV GEBE, St. Maarten

The areas of time management, leadership, coaching and mentoring, and communications skills are the areas I feel will be helpful to me now and in the future to achieve the department, as well as the organization's mission and vision. I feel confident that I will be a better manager in motivating my staff to be more efficient and productive.
Vernice Mercalina-Peterson, Supervisor, Technical Administration NV GEBE, St. Maarten