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CK 6723 Management & Leadership Procedures for New and Experienced Managers, Supervisors, Executives and Directors of Regional Social Security Boards & Schemes

To be a leader, one must have the right combination of charisma, enthusiasm self-assurance, luck, and timing. This is why the topic of leadership was the most valuable part of my training . The other areas covered were realistic and very relevant to my everyday functions on the job. Overall, this course was very informative, including the manual which I plan to utilize.

The instructor’s direct style, as well as his presentation was conducted in a very structured and professional manner.
Garfield Gonsalves, Accounts Supervisor, Antigua Social Security Board, Antigua & Barbuda

This course was an eye-opener and filled with lots of ideas. For example, the portion of the training that dealt with supervision — this is what I am striving to become.If given the chance, I would love to attend future training programs, because there is always something to learn.

Additionally, the instructor really made me sit up and pay attention!
Luanda Gardner, Senior Reconciler, Antigua Social Security Board, Antigua & Barbuda

Communication is an important skill to have both personally and professionally. By attending this training program, it will help me to become a good leader and supervisorand improve upon my supervisory skills.

I was lacking in confidence before attending this training program,now I feel I have built up more confidence in all my interpersonal dealings.

The instructor was excellent; I could have listened to him all day!
Ermine Lewis, Senior Reconciler, Antigua Social Security Board, Antigua & Barbuda

Successful leaders are the power and intellect behind their organizations. They are the visionaries charged with steering their brand around pitfalls. They must know when to seize opportunities and how to rally employees to work hard toward their company’s goals. I believe that leadership matters and the individual who knows how to adapt and adjust to the situation will be successful.

This program will improve my effectiveness on the job because I now have a better appreciation of how I am to perform my duties. I feel more motivated and confident to become a supervisor/manager.I would recommend that others get and opportunity and an appreciation for the proper roles and functions of a supervisor.

The instructor was on point and made sure that the topics covered were precise and concise.
Eshorn K.D. Smith, Inspector, Antigua Social Security Board, Antigua & Barbuda

The entire training program was of value to me, including performance management, which is an area that will allow me to know how to managepeople successfullyand identify different conflict situations as they arise.

I would attend other training programs with this instructor, because he knows his material and is an excellent presenter!
Bridget Joseph, Customer Service Supervisor, Antigua Social Security Board, Antigua & Barbuda

The area I liked most of all was on succession planning. In our organization, there is presently not a system in place, and this course highlighted the importance of such a plan.

Many people in the organization should get an opportunity to attend this course, if only for his/her personal development. I have gained the knowledge that will help me to deal with my staff and customers in a more effective manner.

The instructor made it easy for us to learn and understand the presentation. It was a job well-done!
V. Maudelyn Joseph, Supervisor, Antigua Social Security Board, Antigua & Barbuda

These are the topics that were of significance to me: empowerment of staff, overcoming negativity, and being able to communicate in an effective way.

The instructor is very experienced, very knowledgeable and very enthusiastic, this is why if there are other courses offered, I would definitely want to attend.
Morolie Francis, Supervisor, Human Resources, Antigua Social Security Board, Antigua & Barbuda

I am glad that I got to attend this training program, overall, I gained a lot of knowledge on how I can deal with negativity in the workplace. This program will help me to broaden my knowledge base and dealing with employee issues. It also will help me to understand the different aspects of managing people in an organization.

The training program was very interactive, the instructor gave the participants a chance to work with each other.
Rawl Browne, Compliance Inspector, Antigua Social Security Board, Antigua & Barbuda

The entire training program was valuable to me. I also believe that there are others in the organization who could benefit from the information presented. I feel that I have gained more insights on how I can improve my effectiveness.

The training instructor’s enthusiasm was infectious — everyone participated.
Dani Horsford, Training Officer, Antigua Social Security Board, Antigua & Barbuda

I have a problem with managing my time, so for me, time management was the topic that I focused on the most. All in all, this course will improve my management and leadership skills.

I will do more in depth report writing because this is an area of importance to me. I need to sharpen my written communications skills, and this course will enable me to do so.

There was a lot of humor displayed by the instructor, and the days were never boring.
Ingrid Edwards Richards, Internal Auditor, Antigua Social Security Board, Antigua & Barbuda

I was able to identify many areas in which I can improve my skills The concepts taught in the course, coupled with the facilitator’s life experiences and instructions, will be very useful in the workplace. I will make a concerted effort to implement the strategies learned to make my department more productive.

The instructor is very knowledgeable of the subject areas and he expressed himself very clearly so that everyone could understand.
Telly George, Assistant IT Manager, Antigua Social Security Board, Antigua & Barbuda

I enjoyed the interaction and discussion on time management and the importance of conducting effective meetings. The course made me more aware of my weaknesses, and I hope to improve in these areas.

The instructor is knowledgeable, approachable and very practical!
Geoffrey Joseph, Deputy Director, Antigua Social Security Board, Antigua & Barbuda

Progressive disciple, negativity in the workplace, effective performance, industrial psychology and leadership were topics of great importance to me. This program would be ideal for new managers and as a refresher course for seasoned managers as well.

I would attend further training programs with this instructor, because of his infectious manner and his encouragement of learning.
Debra K. Joseph, Research & Communications Manager, Antigua Social Security Board, Antigua & Barbuda

I particularly liked the practical examples given by the instructor and found this to be very helpful in understanding the topics. Nothing beats real-life experience and examples. I appreciated the rich experiences of a true trainer!

This program was extremely helpful if one is prepared to change and apply the many principles that were shared. I will put into practice the many principles the program gave me to improve my performance. Since many options have become available to me, I can now handle any situations in other ways.
Hilson Francis, Compliance Department, Antigua Social Security Board, Antigua & Barbuda

I wouldn’t change anything about this training program. The discussions by the facilitator, as well as his delivery were very engaging and filled with real-world examples.

Self-analysis is always important, as I always strive to ensure that new learning insights are implemented and utilized to improve my productivity. I truly appreciate the level of detail shared in the manual that I can use as a reference later, and as required.

It was an excellent program, presented by an experienced trainer. I appreciated the fact that the trainer was very relatable, and that he used humor appropriately to make the training sessionslively.
Nicola Christian, Corporate Relations Manager, Antigua Social Security Board, Antigua & Barbuda

I gained quite a bit from attending this training program, and several aspects were all relevant to the situations I encounter in my department. It was also an excellent guideline to allow for effective leadership.

The facilitator’s vast experience also added to the excellent value of the training. I definitely would attend other training programs presented by this facilitator, as he is dynamic and enthusiastic!
Bernadette Knight-Roberts, Financial Controller, Antigua Social Security Board, Antigua & Barbuda

Every aspect of this training program was of tremendous value to me! It has taught me core skills that I can use to be a more effective manager.

Also, the training was delivered in a very easy-to-understand format. The instructor gave us many real-life situations to further explain concepts.
Renade Thompson, Facilities Maintenance Manager, Antigua Social Security Board, Antigua & Barbuda

I learned the importance of being a good leader and the qualities one needs to be in a leadership role. There were lots of valuable information, practical knowledge and insights given to the managers.
Austin Joseph, Accountant, Antigua Social Security Board, Antigua & Barbuda

Some very important topics were discussed in this training program. For example, time management, leadership, staff appraisals, and disciplinary procedures, to name a few. So, therefore, all of the content added value to the overall program, and it has left an impact on my development.

Further, the program will increase my effectiveness in the following ways – 1) I am now able to evaluate employees objectively; 2) I can be a better strategic partner to management; 3) I have received a clearer understanding of my job role and responsibilities; and 4) I learned many real-life tips and techniques on how I can work with strategically with all employees.
Ransford Simms, Human Resources Manager, Antigua Social Security Board, Antigua & Barbuda

I liked the topics that dealt with communication, time management and preparation for meetings. I found the program to be effective and do appreciate having been afforded the opportunity to be a part of it.

How I perform my duties moving forward has been positively impacted. I have learned various concepts and strategies to improve my performance on the job. I have also gained insight which will assist me to better support the directorate on various levels, particularly to management. The course was overall beneficial and enjoyable.

The instructor was very good in keeping us all engaged.
Dana Southwell, Executive Assistant, Antigua Social Security Board, Antigua & Barbuda

This course was an excellent one because it provided me with tips and techniques to become a more effective manager. This training experience is an asset, as well as the instructor’s very honest way of sharing his experiences.

Excellent presentation!
David Mathias, Director, Antigua Social Security Board, Antigua & Barbuda

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