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CK 700 – CK 600 – Debt Collection, Customer Service, and Call Center Strategies and Techniques, for New and Experienced Collectors, as well as, Supervisors and Managers

 Because debt recovery calls make up more than 90% of my job functions, this was the topic that was of the highest significance to me.  The instructor was very informative, and taught me the tools and techniques that I can use to improve the current processes in place in my organization.  
This course is an excellent one, and I would recommend it to everyone in the debt recovery field.  It is not only accurate and concise, but very practical.  I learned ways and tactics I can use daily to improve my debt recovery skills.  I now feel empowered to become an excellent recovery officer!
Jamal Graham, Recoveries Representative
Antigua Commercial Bank, St. John’s, Antigua

 The discussions between the participants and instructor were the most valuable part of the program for me.  As a recoveries representative, I can use almost all the practical examples given to us in the class.  I now understand how to construct proper debt collection letters to receive maximum results, and to help me perform my duties more efficiently.
The instructor shared a lot of relevant debt collection stories and examples from various regions within the Caribbean.  I received value for my money, by taking this course, and I will be producing more results for my organization.
Tamara Valarie, Recoveries Representative
Antigua Commercial Bank, St. John’s, Antigua

 This debt collection training course was a very comprehensive and informative one.  I learned about the different types of debt collection letters which will be helpful to me in the debt collection and debt recovery process.

El Kay Lebria Frederick-Marsh, Accounts Receivable Supervisor

Medical Benefits Scheme, St. John’s, Antigua

CK 600 Debt Collection and Revenue Management for Managers and Supervisors

 I will use this training to improve my effectiveness in my job, because the information and structured detailed in this program has given me guidelines that I can use to organize my department in a way that can bring about better results.  The program is very well-structured, and covered a wide range of debt collection issues, along with a managerial perspective of the operations involved in the process.   
The material provided to me was invaluable.  It will form the basis for future references, as well as restructuring and retooling of my department.  The manual is like the “Bible” of debt collection processes.
Finally, the instructor delivered the topics in a simple, and practical manner and used examples to explain his points.  He provided comprehensive details of the subject matter, and demonstrated that he has a wide knowledge on other related fields that can be helpful to me and other staff members of my department.
Cornelius Charles, Inspectorate Supervisor
Social Security Board, St. John’s, Antigua

 Customer service, and common telephone courtesy were of greatest importance to me.  Being polite and showing empathy to others is key to dealing successfully with clients.  I’ve learnt a great deal, and I will apply the knowledge I gained, when carrying out my daily functions.  
The instructor was very realistic in his delivery of the subject matter, and gave many examples to match each participant’s organization.  Overall, I have gained a wealth of knowledge that I can utilize in the workplace.
Nakita Brown, Senior Legal Officer
Social Security Board, St. John’s, Antigua

 This debt collection course provided me with a thorough and comprehensive knowledge on collections on a whole, and will change the way I view certain aspects of the field.  It has taught me how to be more clear and concise when dealing with customers in collection.   The instructor has a very engaging personality, and held my attention throughout the training.  He helped us all to grasp difficult, and sometimes hard to understand information by using real-life examples.  I am very appreciative for the new ideas, explanations, and material, that was handed to each participant – these items were well worth the cost of the training.
Cristal Aaron, Debt Management Clerk
Cable & Wireless (FLOW), St. John’s, Antigua

 I would recommend this course very highly, because I feel it has profound benefits in the overall success of any business with a collections functions, customer service and other areas.  I left this course feeling very confident about carrying out the functions of my job.  It has shown me how to be more a more active listener, and showing concern about my customers. The techniques on how to deal with customers as it relates to collections, was of great interest to me, because I can improve my approach, which in turn, will help to improve my organization’s bottom line.  
The instructor’s delivery was very smooth, and made it easy for participants to grasp information and concepts.  I truly enjoyed the course, and looked forward to attending the training each day it was held!
Rhosheda Benjamin. Credit & Collections Officer
Cable & Wireless (FLOW), St. John’s, Antigua

 This debt collection and revenue management training course for managers and supervisors, was even much better than I thought it would have been!  There were so many things I learned, insomuch, that I would recommend all my accounting and customer service staff personnel attend this course.  It was clear to me that the instructor is fully engaged in the subject matter and has a passion for teaching, which kept the participants involved and made things very interesting.
Rawle Reynolds, Manager
St. John’s Development Corporation, St. John’s, Antigua

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