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CK 6799 Insurance Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service Management Procedures for General Insurance Corporations

The content and presentation of the program was outstanding.  I liked the areas of sales, business writing, and customer service the most.  In addition, I liked the area on hosting and facilitating staff meetings.  I most definitely would recommend this training program to others, as I now realize the areas of operation that needs improvement or more commitment from me.  As an assistant manager, being efficient and effective is of utmost importance to me.  I will also be ready and willing to impart the knowledge I have acquired in this training to those under my leadership.
This was an excellent training program and an excellent presentation.  The instructor’s teaching style enhanced the program with a wealth of real-life examples and scenarios.  The instructor encouraged participation and feedback from participants.
I have learned a lot from this training program and some knowledge will reinforce what I already knew.  I would definitely attend further training programs with this instructor and will even provide word-of-mouth referrals.
Althea A.A. Imhoff, Life Officer, State Insurance Company Limited, Antigua

Personally, in my opinion, every area of this training program was of value to me because it cut into all facets of the business module.  Not only are the concepts applicable to the insurance industry, but it is applicable to all business disciplines.  My whole approach for selecting and capturing new customers will be on the rise, because of the techniques outlined in the course.  The course material was very extensive, and shows a lot of approach has been done to equip each participant with a comprehensive operational manual.
The instructor properly outlined and gave a very fine delivery which made the participants comfortable.  The instructor has a sound understanding of the subject matter and used real-life examples to back up the presentation.
Delbert Baptiste, Sales Agent, State Insurance Company Limited, Antigua

Every part of this training program was of great value to me.  However, the chapters on marketing and public relations were of significance to me as well.
I would most definitely attend other training programs provided by Cohen and Klein Consulting because everything that I have learned have been, or is in some way, related to my department.
The instructor went out of his way to ensure that we understood what was being taught.  His style and tactics are spot on, he understood the topics at hand, and his examples supported them exactly and precisely.
I would definitely attend other courses as I know for a fact that the instructor is not only skilled in his delivery, but very knowledgeable too.
Harrison Horsford, Marketing Clerk, State Insurance Company Limited, Antigua

The points that I valued the most were those that generated sales, delivering excellent customer service and retention of customers. By attending this course, it will allow me to make corrections to how I presently do my job.  I will do my very best to implement some or most of the what I learnt.
The presenter used real-life examples and was quite entertaining.  The material in the manual was quite extensive and very easy to digest. Also, the instructor’s style was very interactive, flexible understandable and realistic.  He held our attentions throughout the program. 
Atiba Baptiste, Sales Agent/Advisor, State Insurance Company Limited, Antigua

The entire program was valuable to me.  It touched on all aspects of my department and gave me an insight into sales.  It was comprehensive and as stated, we would like for our management team and board members to attend this training programme.
I will be able to use the information in my department and make the necessary changes that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of my team.
The training was very informative.  I enjoyed how the instructor used real-life examples to bring out certain points. He answered all of our questions, and his teaching style and method was very good.
Dornalyn Beazer, Assistant Manager, Marketing and Public Relations, State Insurance Company Limited, Antigua

The entire training program was valuable, especially because I can now exceed customers’ expectations.  Management and supervisors in general, are in need of this training.  Fellow advisors in other companies should also be allowed to attend this type of training that is unique to the insurance industry.
I am leaving this training session feeling empowered, more knowledgeable and with a better understanding of how to deal with customers at all levels.
This training program has been one of the most exciting sessions I have ever been a part of, and I truly appreciate the instructor too.  His teaching style kept us captivated and wanting to know more.
Elcah James, Financial Advisor, State Insurance Company Limited, Antigua

Day three of the training program stood out for me, in the aspects of sales and being a dynamic salesperson. The information gathered on this topic will surely improve my effectiveness.  However, all of the days were impactful.  The entire program was invaluable.
There is always room for improvement and knowledge is power, this program will be instrumental in making me more effective in my job and in my personal life as well. I feel much more confident and very eager to implement much of what I was taught in this training.
The instructor’s presentation was awesome!  We were able to interact with each other and with him as well.  He is a very humorous man and delivered his topics with clarity.  This was a very profound and well-rounded program wherein the instructor used real-life stories and delivered the topics with precision.  This was a very thorough and educational training program.
Margaret I. Jacobs, Financial Advisor, State Insurance Company Limited, Antigua

Sales and marketing, great customer service and treating the customer with respect really made an impact on me.  This program will improve my effectiveness, as I plan to apply what I have learnt in my daily activities at work.  Matter of fact, the entire program fits into the functions at work.
The instructor gave examples of true stories so that we could all understand each topic clearly.  I definitely would love to attend additional programs facilitated by this facilitator.
Diane E. James, Financial Advisor, State Insurance Company Limited, Antigua

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