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Barbados Light & Power and Barbados Water Authority In-House Training

Debt Collection, Customer Service and Call Center Management Procedures for Utility Corporations
(Electricity, Water, Cable, Telephone and Petroleum)
(Front-Line and Back-Office Employees, as well as Managers and Supervisors)

I would recommend that many more staff from Barbados Light and Power Company (BLPC), as well as the Barbados Water Authority (BWA), attend this training program to enhance and assist them in their efforts and capacity building.  Also, revenue management techniques and debt collection efforts were the areas that were most beneficial to me.
R. Seale, Customer Service Manager
Barbados Light and Power Company

This was an excellent training course that was most relevant to my own job responsibilities.  The instructor provided many examples throughout the workshop, and students and instructor all participated in the class discussions.
Sally-Anne Richards, Supervisor, Payment Agreement
Barbados Water Authority, St. Michael, Barbados

 Revenue management and risk management were among several areas covered by the instructor.  I picked up a lot of valuable information on how I can improve my customer service contact procedures, as well as increasing and improving my revenue collection techniques.
Adrian Pinder, Customer Service Supervisor
Barbados Light and Power Company

 This training workshop was very comprehensive. I received valuable information on how to prepare an emergency response plan.  As the supervising engineer, I will be able to implement some of the ideas I learned.  The instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to clarify many areas in which I had questions. 
Robert Harewood, Engineer, Customer Service
Barbados Light and Power Company

 Even though there were some areas in which I was already familiar, there were new insights and reinforcement of my understanding of the subject matter.  
All areas of this workshop were of value to me.  Debt collection strategies, debt collection letters that can be employed, benchmarking and measurement, all of these areas will add value to what our company is trying to achieve.
Also, many of the techniques that the instructor discussed can be used to improve the operations in the call center, as well as the collections and payment officers that are under my areas of responsibility.  The instructor used clear and simple language to get points across.
Rodney Dottin, Senior Customer Service Supervisor
Barbados Light and Power Company

 Debt collection is extremely important to every business.  The instructor discussed applicable practices to improve customer service loyalty.  Settling debt collection matters and acquiring information for customers is critical to its success. 
I will be recommending greater focus on a more standardized process and the required team to support it.  I will also stress the importance of customer service education to all customer service staff, to get a greater understanding and cohesion to the collections approach.
Robert Harewood, Engineer, Customer Service
Barbados Light and Power Company

 I found this course very informational.  It gave me some techniques to improve the collection process and a sound foundation for improving the customer service process.  The instructor was very effective, very helpful, and gave practical and meaningful examples throughout the presentation.
Supervisor, Barbados Light and Power Company

 The training program was very valuable and informative. The instructor was quite knowledgeable, and seems to have a lot of experience about the subject matter
Clerical Officer, Commercial Collections

 This course gave me a new perspective on debt collections.  It will help me with my negotiation skills.
Tamara Browne, Customer Service Supervisor

 The program was very intense and pertinent to my job functions on the collections team.  There are new techniques that I will use to measure my staff’s productivity.
Sally-Anne Richards, Supervisor
Barbados Water Authority

 I got a greater understanding of the collection process which will help to improve my effectiveness. The instructor used excellent examples to get information across to participants.  I would definitely recommend this course to others who are in the debt collection business.
Financial Controller
Barbados Water Authority

 This was a very good course, and I wouldn’t change anything about it.
Financial Controller
Barbados Water Authority

 The course was very informative.  I will apply the techniques immediately.  The instructor was very articulate and thorough.
Customer Service Representative

 The program concepts, facts, and principles, were excellent.  The instructor was very enthusiastic and held the attention of the participants, to ensure that all topics were easily understood.
Name Withheld

 I handle payment arrangements frequently.  I found the steps of securing full and partial payments and promises to pay, very valuable.
This course opened my mind to view my position in a new light, and not just as an ordinary job.  How one interacts with people while handling difficult situations, can make a difference in people’s lives.  This course will help me to promote a healthy public image by utilizing the acronym “VISPAC,” a term explained by the instructor 
Name Withheld

 The program content was good because I learned a lot more than I knew before.  Always be prepared for your customers is the lesson I am left with.
Name Withheld

 The instructor ensured that all persons in the training were attentive and participated fully in class discussions.  I am glad I got to attend!
Name Withheld

 This was a good course.  The presenter was excellent.
Name Withheld

ssessing the effectiveness of the collection process and call center management were the highlights of this training for me.
Name Withheld

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