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CK 6173 Industrial Relations and Conflict Resolution Management

 In this industrial relations and conflict resolution management training course, I was introduced to such topics as:  collective bargaining, positive and progressive discipline, and the process of implementing this policy, amongst others.  I also got a better understanding of the true role of HR in the organization.  As a young leader, this course has given me a strong foundation on which tobuild.  The instructor was very knowledgeable and used real-life situations that were very helpful to me.
Regis Burton, HR Systems Analyst, Antigua Public Utilities
St. John’s, Antigua

 This course provided me with real-life incidents that I could relate to, and will prove helpful to me in resolving future issues that often arise on the job.  The instructor’s style and method of delivery was exemplary.  I am very pleased with all the topics that were covered in the workshop, as well as the face-to-face interaction with other participants, as well as the instructor.
Philip Mulcare, Labour Officer, Department of Labour

Brades, Montserrat