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Who Should Purchase This Innovative Debt Collection and Revenue Management Software?

The Features & Functionality of a Debt Collection and Revenue Management Software

1. Schedule accounts for call back
2. Prompt collectors about accounts to be called back
3. Establish partial payment arrangements
4. Prompt collectors about missed payment arrangements
5. Consists of various collection letters
6. Ability to select and mail various letters
7. Ability to produce or generate several statistical reports
8. Ability to track the length and quality of each call
9. Ability to document the result or outcome of each call
10. Consist of various abbreviated collection codes.
11. Ability to schedule and reschedule accounts
12. Ability to group or classify various accounts
13. Ability to receive and process various methods of payment
14. Must identify debtors with multiple accounts
15. Prevent data from being purged/deleted
16. No complications or setbacks with data conversion or merging of data
17. Physical methods and technologies used to mail various letters
18. What else would be required from a collection or revenue management software?
19. Stores data securely and verifies login is from an approved computer
20. Allows companies to change menus, account status labels, and call result to fit their business
21. Groups users together by their role in the company
22. Ability for agents to work from multiple offices or locations
23. Graphical reporting to show each agents collection performance
24. Monitors payment arrangements and notifies agents immediately if a payment is missed
25. Ability to easily integrate with a predictive dialer and messaging systems
26. Ability to add new fields or new screens to fit the needs of the business
27. Fast implementation of the software
28. Automatic updates of the software
29. Ability to instantly message a supervisor for approval or help
30. Ability to easily find an agent who speaks the debtor’s preferred language
31. Ability to score accounts and prioritize them based on the score
32. Allows the use of SMS/text messaging to cell phones
33. Ability to scan and store documents and images with the accounts
34. Ability to accept many different payment types –credit, debit, checks, etc.
35. Easily link to other systems –tax system, bank system, billing system, etc.
36. Ability to store unlimited phone numbers, and addresses
37. Ability to store relatives, references, and other people who can help find the debtor
38. Ability to track collateral and other assets such as bank accounts, property, or vehicles.
39. Ability to track employment information
40. Ability to track the collection costs associated with each activity on the account
41. Automate each step of the collection process to increase efficiency
42. Stores data using encryption

Plus Numerous Other Features

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