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CK 6133 Succession Planning and Leadership Management
After attending this training, I feel that I will be able to create a succession plan within my organization.  The topics that were introduced were tied in very nicely together to make the course very informative and enjoyable.  The visual aids that were used, the personal examples and experience of the instructor, and the ability to apply meaningful examples to the topics being discussed, made it very easy for participants to grasp.  This course will help to improve my effectiveness as a manager, in terms of staff development and different ways to motivate employees.
Avril Coipel, AID Bank, Roseau, Dominica

 CK 6133 Succession Planning and Leadership Management
The performance review process, coaching, and mentoring, were areas within the program that was most valuable to me.  I found some new ways that will help me to help my team, improve their performance, and ways to help them to grow and develop within the organization.  Also, I would recommend this program to other members within the company, because it not only showed me areas in which I can improve, but it gave me knowledge about information that I can pass on to others both at work, and in my personal life.
Ariel Williams, Banking and Customer Service Supervisor
National Bank of Dominica, Roseau, Dominica

 CK 6133 Succession Planning and Leadership Management
This workshop was a great and enjoyable one for me, especially in the overview of the human resources manpower audit process.  In my opinion, this process would help to resolve the turnover rate within the company, and it would help to restore confidence in making our organization a great place to work!  This course will help to enhance my theoretical and practical knowledge in both time management and human resources management, because managing one’s time effectively, is critical to both personal and professional life.  The Instructor has an excellent delivery, and a vast knowledge of the subject matter.
Bianca Williams-Colarie, Coordinator
Customer Support Service & Quality Assurance
National Bank of Dominica, Roseau, Dominica

 CK 6133 Succession Planning and Leadership Management
I would recommend this program to anyone in a managerial or supervisory position.  The leadership component of this training course was of great value to me.  It will improve my effectiveness because I learnt a lot of valuable tools, for example, the “Incident Diary,” which is something I can begin to use immediately.  The training instructor was not at all boring unlike other training sessions I have attended in the past.
Gregory Larocque, Data Processing Supervisor
National Bank of Dominica, Roseau, Dominica

 CK 6133 Succession Planning and Leadership Management
The human resources manpower audit was very helpful, as it will help me to determine the root causes of why employees come and go so frequently within the organization.  It gave me ways that I can use to help remedy this situation. 

Each topic that was discussed was helpful for me to see the importance of succession planning, not only in the department, but in the company as a whole.  In the past, I was unsure about the things that are expected of any good leader, but this course brought it home to me.  It also caused me to reflect upon my performance and encourages me to improve, and help staff members to improve.
Kendra Manning, Executive Officer, Records
St. Kitts & Nevis Social Security Board
Basseterre, St. Kitts

 CK 6133 Succession Planning and Leadership Management
I enjoyed this course because it helped me to identify ways in which I can improve my leadership skills, and the proper way to conduct an employee performance appraisal.  I learned quite a bit about leadership and my role and responsibilities as a manager.  I learned new techniques about how I can bring out the “best” in my subordinates; the need to value my team, and ways to help make them grow within the organization.  I believe I am now better equipped with the right “tools” to empower my staff, especially in the areas of coaching and mentoring.
Lesa Tyson, Manager, Branch Office Operations

Social Security Board, Nevis, St. Kitts

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