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CK 6283 Climate Change & Global Warming Management Procedures
As the director of health disaster, after attending the training course on climate change and global warming, I left with a wealth of knowledge that was relevant to my own job responsibilities and needs.  This course also provided me with the evidence of how global warming and climate change have affected not only our island in the Caribbean, but the people and countries all over the world.  There was not a part of the programme that I thought was invaluable, the four days that I attended this course was very well rounded and left me adequately prepared to fulfill my role on the job.  I definitely would recommend this programme to others, because I feel this information should reach a wide variety of individuals to mitigate against global warming and climate change.
This training course was very interactive, intensive and comprehensive, and the instructor held my attention throughout the four days.  Learning and the ability to understanding were made easier because of the interactive nature between participants and instructor.
This programme will improve my effectiveness because I now have additional knowledge and scientific evidence to the effects of climate change and its effect on the atmospheric changes negatively affect healthcare.
Charlene Higgs, Director of Health Disaster
Turks & Caicos Ministry of Health/Education and Training, Turks & Caicos Islands


The discussion on the Paris Climate Agreement accord was very value to learn about, since this agreement affects almost everyone throughout the world.  I not only learned about climate change and global warming, but other leadership aspects of the role the media plays in emergency management.  Therefore, leadership styles, and team-building are areas that will enable me to work more efficiently and effectively in terms of environmental health issues.  There is nothing that I would change with this program, and I will attend other training programs with this instructor who was not only well-prepared, but who delivered the training materials with professionalism and knowledge, using both past and present events to bring points across to the participants.
Kenrick Kneely, Director, Environmental Health Department

Turks & Caicos Ministry of Health/Education and Training, Turks & Caicos Islands

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