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CK 6289 Disaster-Preparedness Management for Hospitals and Other Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare emergency management in preparation for potential hazards that may occur was very important to me, in terms of leadership skills necessary and the ability to work with a myriad of personnel agencies who would be involved, as well as a good communication vehicle between private and government entities.  I would recommend this program to others because it was a well-prepared program that left me with a wealth of knowledge and guidelines to use.  The program will help to equip our department with the tools that is needed to function in the event of a disaster.  This program will improve my effectiveness at the departmental level, as we need to develop an effective working plan moving forward.  The instructor was well-suited for teaching this course and broke down the information in such a way that it was understandable to the participants.
Prestianna Cox, Deputy Supervisor, Wellness Center/ Ministry of Health, Agriculture and Human Services, Turks & Caicos Islands


This course focused on healthcare emergency management, preparing for hazards, and disasters due to global climate changes had a wealth of information and skills that can be used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, companies, and businesses, etc.  I will use the knowledge I gained to become a change agent in my department, as well as to use the leadership skills that was obtained to work together as a team and provide support and encouragement.  The videos we watched both before and after the topics were quite helpful in us understanding and appreciate the concepts.  The instructor showed good leadership skills in the method of teaching, and provided a lot of support and encouragement, in working as a team.

Joanne Handfield, Community Health Aide, Primary Health Care, Ministry of Health, Agriculture and Human Services/, Turks & Caicos Islands

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